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  • Published May 20, 2010
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Email Marketing Strategies - Improve Your

Emarketing Campaign With These Basic Tips

A survey made by The Direct Marketing Association, showed that two out

of three companies increased their turn over, when they incorporated an

e-mail marketing strategy. Also sixty-three percent said that this was

the best marketing strategy to use to attract new customers and keep

your existing customers

Just about everybody that uses the internet has at least one email

account, so it forms a very good basis on which to start your business

marketing campaign. Your email marketing program is only as good as the

strategies you use

to implement your marketing campaign. So you must learn how to use your

emarketing program as effectively as possible.

Here are some simple basic tips about how to improve your



Know your market be an expert in your market, know what your customer

wants. Join forums that are in your niche and ask members what they

want from your product. Find out what your competitors are doing and

then do it better. Offer your customers a better package, a better

product and a better guarantee! this will help build a good reputation

for yourself and your business.

Keep your campaign simple, relevant, and to the point, use your

headings to grab the prospective customers attention. Most people who

read their email do not read further than the headline, or at least

only one or two sentences after that. So try to incorporate the

advantages of your product over your competitors product early in the

content of your email.

Do not forget to put a call to action in your message this is very

important, you can also offer a free gift as a way of enticing your

potential customers to react to the call to action. Make your offer of

a free gift as a time limited offer, in other words, this offer ends

on... or grab this offer before it ends... there are plenty of ways of

saying this so be creative and experiment.

Be creative with your byline, and subject line, your content should be

relevant to your topic, it should also be interesting and useful to

your reader.

Offer a money back guarantee. This strategy creates an atmosphere of

trust with your customer. Do not forget trust builds loyal customers.

I hope you follow the tips above because

they will help you to improve your emarketing campaign, and help you to

understand how powerful email marketing is. Good luck.

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Joe Haworth heads up Enigma Web Design, and can be contacted by visting

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Joe Haworth heads up Enigma Web Design, and can be contacted by visting his site

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