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  • Published May 27, 2010
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E-mail is the fastest and by far the most convenient way of communicating with your colleagues, friends and family members. Being one of the foremost ways of communication in the world today, we depend too much on emails for maintaining our day to day work. However, when it doesn’t work properly, it can be really frustrating. The only way is to adopt a full proof Email Fix up program to ensure complete mailing safety.

To get rid of any probable email fix up problems on your windows pc, you can either consult a technician or you can go through this article and try your hands at fixing the email problems all by yourself.

Here is what you can do while trying to resolve email fix up related problems. The foremost step for you is to "Run" the E-mail Troubleshooter through the Help and Support toolbar option.

If you are a first time user of Windows XP, the e-mail fix up troubleshooter can just be your real advisor. This will not only help fix up emails for you but also takes care of all the probable internet related problems that you might encounter while staying online.

The steps to follow are listed below:

  1. Click on the "Start" button, and then click on "Help and Support".

  2. Look for the "Search box" in the upper-left corner of the browser, type "e-mail".

  3. Next, click on the green arrow button to initiate the search. You can see the "Suggested Topics" in the pane below which display 15 top results.

  4. Enter the "Fix a Problem" area and click on "E-mail Troubleshooter".

  5. Follow prompts based on the specific problems you encounter.

  6. Try to activate the "Safe Mode" while initiating email fix up process.

By activating the safe mode, you can actually control what hits your mailbox and what’s not. This unique windows application is based on Microsoft’s unparalleled system research and development spanning years of hard work.

"Safe mode" is a vital tool in controlling your mail records as well as checking the internet parameters of your network connection.

However, starting up a computer in "Safe Mode" will let you correct different kinds of problems within your system. It may also help you to verify certain applications or operating system functionaries.

Further if you can hook up to the Internet in "Safe Mode" and not in the usual "normal mode", you can try one of the following solutions to ensure effortless email fix up.

The basic steps to follow are as follows-

a) Start the normal mode, and then run the "Network Setup Wizard.

b) In safe mode, start by running "System Restore".

c) In the usual mode, start running the "E-mail Troubleshooter" for e-mail-related issues

If you are still unable to locate the problems targeting your email account you can be rest assured that specific problems might crop up from an external source which is way beyond your technical grip. However, to get things started with your email fix up process the best way is to get connected to the Internet, which is a ready source of online guidance for the first time users.

Even if you still cannot get your e-mail to work properly, contact your ISP or Web mail provider for help by linking up to their internet website or alternatively call up the service provider’s number and solve your email problems.

Stephen has forayed into freelance technical writing and explored its genre with conviction. He has instant remedies for PC problems up his sleeve and provides specific solutions to readers. He has been associated with OnlinePC for decades and his creative insight provides comprehensive understanding of technological issues.

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