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  • Published May 22, 2010
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Unlike the way of communication exalted by our forefathers, technology has offered a more effective way to communicate. This technology is most commonly referred to as the Internet. Use of this technology makes exchange hosting possible.

People using this form of technology find management at the top of the list since it is very rare that a person can handle all of there myraid of tasks without some sort of assistance. Micro Exchange services offers such a program that deals with management known worldwide as Exchange Hosting.

The brilliance of what is referred to as an Exchange Server is found through the client server on the server side. Which allows access to Microsoft infrastructure solutions. The major features associated with an exchange server are electronic mailing, calendaring, tasks and contacts, support for mobile and web- based access to information; and storage for any of your excess data that may be floating around on your computer.

Micro Exchange services can be purchased as a hosted service from a significant amount of various providers. Some of the main reasons for using such a service may depend on how large a company is and how much data is collected. A provider makes collecting, storing, and protecting data a worry free endeavor.

For instance, if you are an individual or company then the best way that you can gain access to wireless e-mail and get email and data on a handheld device, would be to purchase separate servers and software licenses and install them manually. When using the services of an Exchange Host provider, these services will be added instantly through online control panels.

Archiving by creating a backup for your e-mail for compliance or security purposes is a time intensive, in-house effort. When considering storage expansion of a business, the purchase and installation of additional disk drives would be necessary for extra disk space. These are also services that an Exchange Host will provide.

In some cases it is necessary to use advanced anti- spam, which is a sophisticated blocking of spam to keep employees productive. Anti-virus reduces the damage to files and IT infrastructure. These are a standard service with Exchange Hosting. FAX via e-mail can also be included and lets employees receive faxes anywhere they go without self deploying a separate service.

In order to purchase this service you will need an internet connection. Your connection to the internet will allow you to be able to access your e-mail and enjoy the benefits of Exchange Hosting. You will also need a PC or laptop running Widows 98, ME, NT, 2003 or Vista, or a Mac running Entourage 2004 or 2007.

Finally, you will need a unique domain owned by you or your company. You will not be able to sign up for Exchange Hosting services with a webmail domain such as,,, or etc.

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