What Do You Want To Know About Exchange Hosting?

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  • Published May 19, 2010
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Exchange hosting is actually a server system. The software in this system allows sending and receiving of e-mails and other interactive communication.

By using this server system, it is possible for organizations to share vital information online. This server system can work well with Microsoft applications like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and others, which are used by various business organizations. What is the main purpose of exchange hosting?

It gives easy access to critical information that is related to a company. At the same time, it maximizes the efficiency and simplifies the business communication of the organization. For example, Microsoft Hosted Exchange possesses a mobile e-mail and collaboration suite.

This server system also includes e-mail messaging, shared folders, calendars and contact lists. If you use normal POP3 email accounts, the e-mail messages would be normally deleted from the server upon retrieval of e-mail messages. Such is not the case with hosted exchange systems. They still keep the e-mail messages on a special server.

Hence, staff or workers can still retrieve any important file at any time from any place. It does not matter whether they use a web browser or PDA to do so. The system server supports such systems. It also offer special features such as scheduling, contact and task management for employees.

The exchange server programs usually run on MS Windows Servers and MS Windows Server operating systems. They support MAPI, POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP protocols and allow access to HTML, compressed HTML and WAP based devices. Other than that, these programs also provide the opportunity for staff of an organization to synchronize inboxes, calendars, contacts and task lists.

Since exchange hosting can be used in organizations of various sizes, it is considered as highly valuable by many organizations. What are the benefits of this type of hosting? By allowing access to vital information and business type of messaging, exchange hosting has become a means of encouraging high productivity among employees of companies.

Due to the availability of shared calendars, staff can check the availability of colleagues before scheduling or rearrange meetings, booking conference rooms and even planning projects. With shared tasks, new lists can be created and assigned to the relevant people and shared with team members. In the case of shared contacts, customer information is much more accurate and secure as well.

Prior to the advent of Exchange hosting, such useful functions for some businesses were not accessible. This was due to the lack of time or resources of certain companies to manage in-house servers.

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