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  • Published June 25, 2007
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Car mats are important for keeping the carpets clean and the floor free from stains. They are available in any size, colour or colour combination. They are not just limited to the driver and passenger side floor boards. They are also recommended for use in the trunk. Some of the Car mats are lightweight and easy to install and remove. They are designed, to stay in place and keep a firm hold on luggage. So, their lightweight does not create any problem. Rather, it minimizes the typical shifting or movement of any items that one in carry in his trunk or van floor.

People generally use floor mats in driver or passenger side. But using them in the trunk or van floor has additional advantages. It provides added safety to your possessions and keeps the floor secured. Some mats are designed to prevent slippage, resulting that items located on the mat will stay in place. This minimizes the chances for accidental damage. There are mats made out of a heavy-duty, durable yet flexible rubber-like plastic. They provide you with the benefit of rubber soft protection and solid durability as well as colour of PVC (plastic).

Some car mats are made of TPR foam sheet. It is a non-slip product and soft, flexible, washable, environment-friendly and recyclable. It has 3-D design that enables the floor mat to collect dust or dirt easily. This type of mat is thick and available in black, milky white, beige, gray, blue and red colour. They come in standard sizes of 50x150, 100x150, 115x150 and 120x150cm. They also come in other sizes to fit both the front and rear sections and the trunk.

Some floor-mats have a raised outer lip design. This special design keeps mud, moisture and snow on the mat and prevents them from flowing to the surface below. They come with a thick rubber heel pad that facilitates to make the floor mats long-lasting fixtures for your car. If you believe in maintaining a high level of cleanliness then using good quality floor mats in your car right from its first use will be really helpful.

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