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  • Author Arman Panji
  • Published July 10, 2007
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A real Jeep enthusiast will never let it look like it's just out of the dealer. What's a Jeep if you can't add your touch onto it? Here is a short list of useful and cool accessories for your Jeep. That is, if you really are a Jeep enthusiast.

  • Custom Key Chain A good quality key chain is a fashion statement for a Jeep lover. Go for a key chain with a OEM official licensed factory logo. The details will make a big difference.

  • Window Roll If you own a Jeep soft top then a window roll is a great way to to store both the quarter & rear windows on board the vehicle and keep them save at all times. You just need to roll up the windows between layers of soft felt then insert them into the bag. The bag is made of an outer layer of Nylon with a strap and buckle system that secures to the rear roll bar. When the weather suddenly go bad you'll be glad you didn't leave those windows at home.

  • Mirror Relocation Brackets On late Jeep models when you remove the the doors the side mirrors must go as well. So what do you do when you own one of these and the weather outside just happen to be too good to be true? Dump the doors and top then get your mirror relocation brackets. These brackets let you to take the mirrors off the door then mount them on the windshield frame using existing bolt holes ( no drilling required ). Now you can go like a true Jeeper and no worries about getting a ticket when a police officer see you ( they don't like people riding their car without the side mirrors ).

  • Grab Handles Grab handles are both stylish and functional. It allows your passengers to hold on during off-road adventures. You don't want your passenger to get kicked out when you hit the mud bank do you? Look for handles with comfort grip. If you can get an adjustable handle with velcro or straps that would be better. This accessory is a must have for serious Jeep enthusiasts.

  • Clinometer Shows the pitch and yaw when you're out offroading. Usually comes with self adhesive backing which allows you to install it easily on the dashboard. For a clinometer size does matter. A bigger unit will be easier to see during that hard offroad adventures. When you're out to buy one research first and ask around to see if the balls move smoothly so it will show subtle changes not just big ones. Just remember no to rely heavily on it since this thing is not as accurate as you would like. Please use your common sense when you're thinking to climb that "interesting" side hill.

  • License Frame Still using that plastic frames you got from the dealer? Ditch it! Your jeep will look allot better when you get a metal cast license frame. And i mean it WILL look allot better! If you don't believe me just get one for yourself so you can see improvement with your own eyes.

That's it. That's the six accessories you can get to spice up your Jeep.

Check out Jeep Accessories for a wider selection of accessories for your Jeep.

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