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  • Author Mike Rosania
  • Published October 15, 2007
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After purchasing my truck I had just one objective: To be different from all the other guys on the street. But the solution for this goal was more difficult than I had hoped.

I think a lot of guys know this problem: You have just bought a new car or truck that is really hot, but after the first drive you recognize that there are a lot of other vehicles nicer than yours. Of course you are not willing to sell it after a few days just to be competitive with the other drivers. And primarily if you do it like this you will recognize after a while that your wallet gets lighter and lighter. So you have to find other ways to pimp your vehicle without spending too much money.

This was the beginning of my search for ways to pimp my truck so that I wouldn’t just be one in the crowd. The first idea was painting my truck with nice graffiti that definitely would get everyone’s attention. But honestly is it really a good plan to make your truck look like a wall where dozens of guys have painted their not very innovative pictures? This was the question I asked myself my answer was: I love this truck and I usually don’t paint things that I love. Remember Tim, would you like a couple pictures on the body of your lovely girlfriend?" Of course not, so I had to find another way to facilitate the pimping of my truck. So I decided to try and copy a few ideas that I saw on the streets, but the selection was huge. I could see all kinds of truck accessories, every possible variety of alloy rims. I was really impressed of them. But I asked myself again, "Tim, do you want to have accessories for things you love?" And then I remembered the day when my lovely girlfriend came home with such a huge earring that I had the impression my lovely girlfriend wanted to start a zoo in our house and this would be serve as a swing for the monkeys. So I decided to continue my research for the best way to create a special truck that will stand out from the other ones.

My next idea was nearly the solution to my nearly endless research. I remembered a nice music video where a few hot girls were standing on the truck bed and dancing with each other. I already wanted to call a company that offers girls, who are available for all kinds of activity, when I asked me again, "Tim, do you want to have girls on things you really love?" Oh guys, I think you know my answer to that question. So I screamed just "Yes" and continued my call. When my lovely girlfriend arrived and asked me why I was shouting like this, I had to tell her the whole reason. Till know I am angry with myself because I was not able to lie to her. But remember, she is lovely and who can cheat on lovely girls?

You can imagine that she did not agree with my new tuning plan and so I had to continue my search. After a lot of brainstorming and that many soliloquies I just wanted to finish. I turned on my PC, the fastest and easiest way to find any kind of stuff, and I crossed the ultimate solution for getting more horsepower: Superchips MAX MicroTuner. I was convinced of this great product, but before I could make the decision I had to ask myself again," Tim, do you really want a tool to make your beloved things go faster?" And then I remembered last night with my lovely girlfriend and I knew that I have found the solution to all my problems!

Finally I ended up buying two things that make my truck faster and more special: The Diesel Tuner and the mentioned Superchips. At the end I want to give you one last advice. When you search for any stuff, don’t talk to yourself the whole time. You will be nerved by yourself, seriously – Mike Rosania

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