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  • Published July 3, 2010
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You may think that nobody uses fax nowadays. But the fact of the matter is that most businesses still use fax machines extensively. Sometimes it is simply not possible for certain documents to be sent by any other means. Therefore, even in today's world which is dominated by emails and mobile phones, fax machines still play an important role in many organisations' business models. In such a situation, the news that it is possible to receive faxes sent from a fax machine, directly to your email inbox, is welcomed by all. By opting for a fax to email service, not only are you receiving faxes in a more efficient manner, using superior technology, you are also cutting down on the costs of paper, toner and fax machine maintenance.

Set up a fax number that your clients can use along with their existing fax machines. Any fax message that is sent to this number is then routed to a preconfigured mailbox as an attachment. The fax can be sent to more than one email account if desired. The messages are sent in the widely popular pdf file format which is easy to view, copy and store electronically. The fax number can cope with simultaneous faxes, so no more do the senders have to contend with busy dial tones while another fax is being received. From the point of view of the sender, the whole experience is completely seamless, everything works as before, but with the improvement that there is never a busy tone to deal with.

Fax to email service is a much faster way of accessing faxes. They don't need to be laboriously printed out or copied multiple times. All the people who need to view the fax can view them with a single mouse click on their personal computer screen. No matter where the recipient is, the fax message can be viewed by accessing the email via the internet.

Fax messages received on the email inbox can be downloaded to the computer and stored on the disk drive. It can even be on the email inbox and protected over the business network.

A fax sent to a specific person can be stored in their own personal inbox. A notification can then be sent to their email, alerting them on the waiting fax message. They can then access the fax later at their leisure.

Fax to Email is available on 0800 numbers,

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