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  • Published August 3, 2010
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It is essential to build a list if marketing on the internet is a long term intention of yours. The most widely acceptable and recognizable way of building an opt in email list is by using a squeeze page. The use of an auto responder system is the most efficient and commonly accepted way to manage and maintain contact with these people. Have you ever thought of using twitter for building a list? Well it CAN be done with a DECREASE in your costs and an INCREASE in your effectiveness. Want to hear more?

Here are 3 ways using twitter for building a list can save you money and increase the chances that your messages are being read by the intended recipients.

Less Effort and Money to GenerateTraffic

You can actually build your list with Twitter by gather contact information (followers) thus saving you effort of traffic generation. As anyone marketing on the internet knows generating traffic takes a lot of effort and even money. Using twitter for this purpose allows you to also enjoy yourself as you are making friends when you are collecting contact information for promotional purposes.

No Need for Auto Responder

Twitter can actually deliver your messages (tweets) and there is a better chance they will get read and not blocked or disregarded as spam as is the case with email. How many of your email messages do you think actually gets read by your intended reader? More times than not they are either ignored or simply redirected to the spam box. On twitter your messages (tweets) can not be placed in spam and are displayed for all your followers to see and read.

This essentially eliminates the need for an auto responder system and the corresponding costs that goes with it.

Easier to Interact

You can actually interact and in 'real' time with your opt ins (followers) thereby making your messages more effective. If you send a tweet to which somebody has a question they are more likely to ask for an answer and you are in a better position to answer it in a more timely fashion. These questions and answers also help to further build a relationship with people and this can help increase the effectiveness of your future marketing efforts.

Hmmm, let's see, using twitter can save you money and increase the likelihood of getting your messages read when you are building a list. Seems like a no-brainer!

When marketing on the internet it always makes smart business sense to build a list so you can maintain contact those who have expressed an interest in your business. You work hard to generate traffic therefore building an opt in email list of folks who visited your site can save you effort and money in the future. By using twitter in the way discussed above you can further increase your savings by eliminating the need for a squeeze page and auto responder. This approach also greatly increases the odds of your messages getting read and not lost in the black abyss of spam. The 3 advantages you can experience by adopting this system to collect and manage your email contacts are hard to ignore. When you consider that it will cost you nothing there appears to be little risk for you to start building a list using twitter today!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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