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  • Author Dan Forootan
  • Published September 11, 2010
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In this economic climate, finding the necessary backing to sustain your operation is one of the biggest problems for any non profit organization. Through the use of email marketing, many non profits are finding a way to not only sustain current membership but also encourage new members to join their organization, providing the organization with the needed funds to continue and thrive. Email marketing software can create automatic email newsletters and personalized letters to help you reach your target audience without breaking your marketing budget.

Reaching your membership on a regular basis is an important factor in maintaining those members over long periods of time. However, writing personalized letters is time consuming and the cost of postage can be prohibitive. With email marketing software, you set up a database with your membership’s information and they will receive automatic emails reminding them of membership renewals, special events, fundraisers and so much more.

In fact, as fundraising is a key component to any non profit organization, email marketing is an essential tool to be used to increase revenue on all fundraising endeavors. Within minutes, an email can be sent out to your entire membership list regarding a fundraising event. This will not only alert members of the opportunity, but also make it easy for them to pass it on to friends with just the click of a button, expanding your email list exponentially. Now, instead of just reaching the same people you always ask for money, you can invite new potential donors from a much larger geographic area.

Another helpful benefit to email marketing software is the ability to create and send out email newsletters simply and affordably. Now you can keep your members, and their friends, informed of all your events, fundraising activities, achievements and, of course, the many benefits of being a member. With highlights on how your organization is helping the community, you provide a no-pressure reminder of why they want to be part of your membership and become even more involved in the organization.

With easy to use and helpful ways of reaching an audience that is , often times, too busy to read a letter or take a call, non profit organizations can maintain their current membership, reach new potential donors and increase fundraising efforts through the use of email marketing software. With smaller marketing costs and higher revenue from membership, non profits now have the freedom to devote more time and money to their programs thanks to email marketing software.

Dan Forootan is President of EZ Publishing, which offers custom web applications and permission-based email marketing via StreamSend, a leading provider of easy, affordable and dependable email marketing software for creating, sending and tracking email newsletter campaigns.

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