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  • Published May 15, 2011
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An effective email based marketing campaign requires that you first build a list and then develop trust with these same people! In order to build a list you must first drive traffic to your squeeze page where you can accumulate a list of email addresses! Once this is done it is then up to you to develop a relationship and build trust with your list members. At this point this is when the real 'magic' begins to occur!

Here are the 3 most important phases of putting together a list of email addresses to which you can 'effectively' promote your goods and services!

'Targeted' Traffic Generation

Nothing happens until you first draw the attention of interested people to your squeeze page. It is important that your traffic generation efforts use a theme or ads that are consistent with what you represent or promote. By doing so you will only be drawing the attention of people who have an interest in your business. If you are going to build a list it makes little sense to attract anybody other than those with a 'genuine' interest in what you may have to offer! This obviously will increase your sales conversion when you do begin to promote to them!

Capturing Contact Information

Your squeeze page is where you will entice or encourage visitors to leave their contact information. Without being overly pushy entice your visitors to leave the information you request by offering a free giveaway that is useful and of course related to your niche in some way. Do not clutter this page with anything other than content that focuses on the gift and keep it as brief as possible. Remember you only want their contact information and nothing else at this point!

Relationship Building

Now as you making contact on a regular but not too frequent basis with those who have opted in it is important for you to build trust with them. This will be what helps to increase your marketing effectiveness and why you wanted to build a list in the first place! Your contacts should focus on being helpful by offering useful advise and information. Be cautious to not promote something on every contact you make or people may tend to opt out! You want them to view you as someone trying to help them and not someone only interested in making a profit! Being helpful more times then not is how to build trust and this trust once again will only serve to make promotional efforts easier and much more effective!

Although an effective email based marketing campaign requires you build a list this list is useless unless you forge a relationship with these people. The 3 most important phases involved in putting together your email campaign are discussed above emphasizing maintaining niche specific relevancy and relationship building! Adhering to the tips above you will be better able to attract only people with a genuine interest in what you do. Also and just as important you will be able to build trust with those on your list of email addresses helping to dramatically improve your sales conversions when promoting to them!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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