Is Building a List Worth the Aggravation?

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  • Published May 20, 2011
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Building a list if done correctly requires effort, time and plenty of patience. With every new opt in relationship building is a priority and this can take time away from your sales efforts. The idea here is that the more you become familiar with list members and they with you, the greater your marketing effectiveness will become! In the end however is the time and aggravation invested when you do build a list worth it to you or your business?

Here is a look a 3 very compelling reasons to indeed take the time to build a list when working online!

Direct Access to Customers

Having direct access to people through email is huge in terms of relationship building or simply delivering your intended message! The internet is a extremely large (global) community and this makes it very difficult to be seen or heard. When someone allows you direct access to them it is a privilege not to be taken likely! Becoming more familiar with people on your list breeds a trust which tends to boost your marketing effectiveness with them! The best part is your ability to repeatedly make contact thus allowing you to develop a stronger bond with them as well as the potential for additional sales!

Cost Efficient

Considering the impact that email marketing can have on your sales is their a more cost efficient way to do business online? Remember as you build a list, these people can be easily contacted through email which costs you nothing in terms of time or money. In most cases every contact can be sent out to every member, simultaneously while other messages can be scheduled ahead of time into an auto-responder series! This is a ridiculously simple and efficient way to promote online!

Relationship Building

As mentioned above relationship building is a must to make your email marketing work most effectively. Developing bonds with others is a fundamental building block for any successful business because familiarity and trust is the perfect breeding ground for increasing your marketing effectiveness. Obviously people familiar with you will be more receptive to your sales pitches then those of a perfect stranger. The key here is that do not make all your contacts promotional in nature but instead make freely offer your help since this is what breeds the trust!

Based upon the discussion above hopefully it is clear that building a list is worth any time or aggravation associated with the effort! The fundamental key to making this work the best for you is in the relationship building with list members! Becoming more familiar with the people on your list and offering them help and other types of useful information will serve to build the trust you want and need. The result will be experienced through a boost in both your marketing effectiveness as well as your sales!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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