Building a List Offers 3 Valuable Intangibles

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  • Published June 25, 2011
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One of the biggest benefits you experience when building a list is the ability to increase sales quickly and almost effortlessly. In fact this is one of the most effective sales strategies used online in terms of simplicity and results! It is hard to beat having an opt in list of people you can freely promote to using nothing more than an email program. It is important however to understand and appreciate those 3 subtle 'intangibles' behind this strategy that make it work so effectively! By doing so it will enable you to get the most out of your opt in list in terms of both sales and longevity!

Here are 3 'intangibles' having an opt in list offers, that if nurtured properly can be developed into rock solid assets upon which you can build several online businesses!

Ability to Bond

Having access to people through email allows you to drop the 'formalities' of using sales copy making your correspondence more casual. This relaxes everybody quite a bit more (including yourself) and creates an atmosphere where you are better able to develop a more personal bond with members of your opt in list. This is huge when marketing on the internet since it will help increase your effectiveness which you need to increase sales!

Ability to Control Contact

Blogging, websites and even social network marketing are all great channels through which to implement many sales strategies. The drawback to these tactics however are that you can not dictate the flow of traffic making it hard to determine if your message was received. Contact by email on the other hand gives you more control as to when you can send a message and more assurance it was received. This is very advantageous when sending any time sensitive messages pertaining to industry news or product offering! It also allows for you to control contact frequency as well but be careful not to abuse that!

Ability to Build Personal Loyalty

Having the ability to make your contacts more timely and frequently offers you the chance to build some really solid relationships. Being helpful and supplying people on your opt in list with useful and/or interesting information will go a long way towards making a positive impression. In doing so the focus now tends to be more on you then it is on any products or services you may offer. This growing loyalty is valuable since it gives your list more 'portability' in terms of what you can/may offer them. This can also allow you to 'introduce' your subscribers into a new yet relevant but less competitive and more profitable niche.

Building a list when working on the internet can be one of the fastest ways to increase sales but you must nurture it properly to get maximum results. There are certain 'intangibles' associated with this particular strategy as reviewed above that although may not bring you instant profits must not be overlooked! Having an opt in list should be treated like a privilege, which it is, therefore your relationship with these people must be a priority. By displaying a willingness to give more than you ask for, you will realized why this is one of the most effective sales strategies you can use online!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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