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Some people prefer these method :

  1. Eat correctly. Food has more to do with our moods than we believe. When our blood sugar levels is low, we are able to get crabby and tense. Don't miss meals (especially breakfast), and choose foods with protein and complex carbohydrates, and also hardwearing . glucose levels even, instead of spiking and dropping.

  2. Take a B-Complex vitamin. B vitamins are essential to some healthy central nervous system. Take one every day, and if you have you ever gotten irritable and tense. Keep an extra jar in your desk at the office.

  3. Make certain you're getting enough calcium. Calcium helps parts of your muscles relax. When you are not receiving enough, your body will start taking it from your muscles, causing these phones cramp and tense up. (This is why a glass of warm milk before going to sleep helps you sleep). Have a calcium supplement right before bed to help you rest.

  4. Cut the caffeine. Indulge in your morning cup or two, but drink only decaf beverages after lunch. Caffeine gets your adrenaline going, drains the body of calcium, and causes it to be more difficult to relax in the evenings. Even though you think "caffeine doesn't affect me", it may stimulate your adrenal gland and cause adrenal fatigue, which wears you down and affects your wellbeing over time.

  5. Try an herbal tea (decaf, of course)! Kava and chamomile are specifically well-known for their soothing qualities.

  6. Exercise. Suppressed stress can eat you up from the inside. Burn off all that steam the healthy way! Just taking a walk or giving a punching bag a great beating might help release endorphins and make you feel better.

  7. Get an at-home Yoga DVD. If you have trouble soaking in the evenings before going to sleep, pop in a yoga DVD and do a good series of stretches to assist your body result in the transition to rest mode.

  8. Avoid adrenaline triggers. If you have had an extra stressful day, ditch the scary books and films, or news stories that will get you all worked up. Even though you may enjoy them, the important thing here's to lessen adrenaline, not increase it!

  9. Make contact with nature. Living constantly inside a concrete jungle can wreak damage to our emotional and physical health. Look for a local arboretum, conservatory, memorial garden, or a quiet spot along a beach or river that's from the beaten path. Some churches have prayer and meditation gardens, just for this purpose.

  10. Obtain a massage. Massage is proven to improve circulation and lower stress. Even an occasional half-hour back and neck session can function wonders.

  11. Have a bath. Spend a little extra time to soak and allow your muscles relax. Tepid to warm water is a natural soother.

  12. Pay attention to soothing music. Grab a few CD's with "Sleep" or "Relaxation" in the title, and play them in your car, on your iPod during break, or around the house whenever you feel stressed (something that can be accurately referred to as "heart thumping" is not allowed).

  13. Aromatherapy could be a fantastic way to relieve tension. Scents like lavender, vanilla and rose are especially soothing. Try keeping a scented sachet, spritz, or hand lotion in your drawer at the office.

  14. Get some rest. Lack of sleep always skews our perspective, and makes small issues seem more overwhelming than they are really. Grab a 15-minute nap in your car if you need to. If you're having trouble sleeping during the night, consider using a relaxing routine before going to sleep (using any combination of these techniques), or visit a sleep clinic.

  15. Write it down. The more you stew about problems in your head, the more stressed you will be. Putting it recorded on paper allows you to express yourself and ignore it. It's not necessary to be worried about forgetting anything, because you've written it down. You have permission to depart it there until you need to cope with it. (Avoid using the pc, where documents can be easily accessed and forwarded by the wrong person. Instead, use real pen and paper, and keep it inside a rut).

  16. If you find yourself continually stressed on a regular basis, consider getting tested for a hormone imbalance (such as thyroid), or adrenal fatigue. They are treatable health conditions, and it is worth it to discover how you can help the body better handle stress.

  17. Confide in someone trustworthy, like a priest, pastor, counselor, best friend, or help hot line. Somebody that will listen and luxury, and provide wise council without judgement. You would like someone honest who'll help you consider your options, not who'll let you know just what you want to hear. Some things we can't change. Others, we have choices about. An unhealthy relationship. A hostile work environment. Trying to keep up a method of living beyond our means. We sometimes need another perspective to locate those areas of our life where our choices can actually lessen the quantity of stress in our lives.

  18. Pray. You've got the very best listener in the world, just waiting to listen to of your stuff. Tell God all your cares and concerns, leave them in the capable hands. Understanding that someone who cares is within control, even when we aren't, allows us to to learn not to carry the load around the globe on our shoulders.

For some reason, it seems rather difficult for most people to perform, but you don't worry because there are more creative methods to do it.

End up riding your last raw nerve? You're ready to de-stress!

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