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  • Author Tj Philpott
  • Published July 6, 2011
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Achieving marketing success online goes much deeper than 'stumbling upon' a hot selling product, slapping up a website, and calling it a day! In order to build a business on the internet there are certain intangibles or attributes all successful entrepreneurs will need to possess. Without these qualities nothing gets done and the chances for business success are dramatically reduced!

Here are 5 key attributes or qualities all successful entrepreneurs need to possess in order for 'anything' to even get done!

Self Starter

All successful entrepreneurs know one thing for sure and that is if they do not 'do it' in most cases it will not get done. In order for business success to be achieved online you will have only yourself to rely upon so get use to it. This is the price you pay for being your own boss but on the other hand the rewards make it all worthwhile!

Risk Taker

Another 'given' when you build a business is there will be times you will be 'stepping' into the unknown! Without the backing of a lot of capital or a team of market researchers, it will tend to increase the risk factor for you but at the same time it also boost the rewards as well. This is something you will need to be comfortable with to survive and thrive!

Decision Maker

You can do your research and even ask for advice, but when it comes right down to it you must make the decision. In fact as most successful entrepreneurs will tell you, their willingness to make decisions and take action are the single biggest reason for their achievements. If you can not decide then no action is taken and nothing gets done, plain and simple!

Comfortable with Failure

This is NOT to say you like to fail but the thought of not succeeding should not hold you back! Not fearing that you may fail allows you to move forward on opportunities others may steer away from. Watching the crowd and going in the opposite direction cuts down on competition and can tremendously boost profit margins. Also remember with each failure comes an increase in your education as well!

Strong Work Ethic

For overnight riches run down to the nearest convenience store and purchase a lottery ticket but do not expect such on the internet. When you build a business online or off, effort will be involved and that you can count on, therefore you MUST be willing to work and not just simply put in the time! Your efforts need to be focused and calculated otherwise they will be wasted!

Attaining any degree of marketing success online will be dependent upon more than simply the popularity of any product or service you may offer. In order to effectively build a business that can supply you a healthy and long term income will require certain key qualities in the individual. Successful entrepreneurs get that way by taking the initiative and this is what is required for business success online. By possessing the 5 key attributes we discussed above, any individual stands a much better chance for business success simply because they realize it is up to them to make things happen!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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