What to Look For in a Contractors Liability Insurance Carrier or Broker

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  • Published July 8, 2011
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Contractors Liability insurance is vital for every business offering all-around General Contractor services. Since there are practically hundreds of firms offering this type of coverage out there, it would then be a huge advantage to know the basic guidelines for choosing the best providers or brokers. Doing so will ensure that your business gets to count on reliable financial backing should problems with the contracts you undertake arise.

Partners with long-established Brokers

Virtually thousands of Brokers in the U.S. sell Contractor insurance. This being the case, it is essential that you get to choose one that will keep your business interests in mind. These are just some of the things a quality Broker will do for you:

• Assists in looking for providers that offer competitively priced Contractors Liability insurance.

• Educates you about options, like say, increasing your coverage limits for just a little more.

• Has internal tools for comparing current rates of various providers efficiently.

Has convenient communication channels

You’re extremely busy as it is, with running a firm and constantly monitoring it to ensure efficient operations. So it is smart business sense to seek out Brokers that enable expedient methods for acquiring Contractors Liability insurance. It would be advisable to partner with those that offer these:

• Can be reached via a website wherein routine processes such as queries on Contractor insurance rates or submission of documents can be done.

• Provide other readily accessible channels for communication such as a customer service hotline and fax number.

Addresses financial backing concerns in a quick and fuss-free manner

General Contractor services are one of the most demanding industries out there. Unfortunately, this line of business is not without its risks. Hazards at work, non-compliance of subcontractors, even wrong materials sent by suppliers, can all cause your business to lose its credibility. So you would want to partner with a solid Contractor insurance carrier to ensure your clients don’t run away. So ensure its system for filing claims provide convenience. And opt for a carrier that releases Contractor Bond needs as required.

Specializes in insurance for particularly dangerous professions

Most carriers providing Contractor Bond and insurance coverage deal in one number. Credit score. Contractors that have a high incidence of claims can get Bonds too. They’re often accompanied by high premiums. Of course, if your company deals in hazardous work—say you provide roofing or electrical services—you sometimes have no other recourse but to pay more. But if you contact a Broker who specializes in hard-to-place Contractors, you’ll find the costs are much more reasonable. Contractors 1st Insurance is one such Broker.

So, if your business doesn’t have a stellar credit score, you have claims, or if you feel that the Bond quotes you’ve been given are essentially invitations to go elsewhere, then chances are you’ll find Contractors 1st Insurance Services to be your best tool for getting covered affordably. So get in touch with any of our agents now by accessing www.contractors1stinsurance.com and see just how much you can save on your Contractor Bond or Contractors Liability insurance costs.

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