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  • Published July 27, 2011
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If you've already taken the time to read the article about the factors that affect insurance rates for a vehicle, you have probably noticed that there is a set of factors that is directly related to the car itself. It's definitely logic to have the object you want to insure influencing the final price you'll be charged with for getting what you want. However, a lot of car owners don't get it why certain car specifications affect their insurance rates. If you're also confused by the fact that your insurance premiums are directly related to your car's engine volume, here is a short overview of how a car affects insurance rates and what factors are involved.

But let's first consider the logic that drivers the behavior of insurance providers. The main concern the insurer has towards any customer is risk. Namely the risk of the particular customer to file an insurance claim. The higher is the risk the more it will cost for the insurer to cover such a customer since the probability of an insurance situation is higher. Thus the insurance company needs a way to asses the risk associated with insuring each and every of their client. And that's exactly how we get to the car.

There are probably little drivers who actually think that the car they drive doesn't affect their behavior on the road. Those who really do probably have little driving experience or lack simple analytic abilities. We get examples of this simple rule every day. Remember the guy who cut in front of you with that Porsche? Or the mom in her family van blocking the highway while going 30 mph? That's exactly what we are talking about here. And insurance companies know this very well.

When you want get car insurance quotes you have to note what car make and model you want to insure, its engine volume, top speed and safety measures. All these factors are required to see how much of a risk you are for the insurance company. For example, if your car has a high top speed and a large engine volume with lots of horse power in it the insurance company will automatically give you higher car insurance quotes no matter how good of a driver you are. Why? Simply because with such characteristics your car is more likely to provoke aggressive driving and end up in an accident than a vehicle with weaker characteristics. Another example is trying to insure a particular car model that is known for its high repair costs or high theft rates. Even if it is not as fast and furious as any sport car it will also give you more expensive car insurance quotes because the costs of insuring it will be higher compared to other vehicles.

Now that you know how exactly your vehicle affects car insurance quotes you will be able to predict the approximate amount of money it will cost you to insure it. And maybe it will also affect your decision if you want to buy a new car that would let you save some money in insurance too.

Car insurance quotes strongly rely on the actual car you are getting them for. So in order to get better car insurance quotes you will have to get a car that can be regarded as insurance friendly.

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