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  • Published September 9, 2011
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Being young has numerous advantages and disadvantages too. While it can help one get away with some things, it can prove costly with others. A good example is auto insurance. Young students who are under 25 are considered the most reckless drivers and are therefore charged the highest car insurance premiums. Because of the high risk associated with students, finding cheap car insurance can prove difficult.

Check whether your school offers sponsored insurance programs. Some schools and colleges do have special arrangements where students can receive insurance policies through the school. These policies are cheaper. If your school has such a program, consider buying your car insurance through them.

Choose the car you drive carefully. It is very tempting to buy a flashy sports car but this will only attract high insurance premiums. Such cars are perceived to be high risk vehicles for a number of reasons: they are attractive to thieves and vandalism and they are high maintenance. Instead, choose an older model of a car that is low maintenance. It will be cheaper to insure.

Record lower mileage and you will enjoy lower rates. Insurers give better rates to motorists who drive less. Take advantage of this and minimize the number of days you drive in a week or month. It will reduce your annual mileage and in turn earn you lower premiums. Insurers believe that the less one drives, the less their chances of getting into an accident.

Choose a policy that allows you to increase your deductible. The higher the deductible you pay, the less you will spend on premiums.

Consider also getting included in your family’s auto insurance plan if your parents have one. It is cheaper than financing your own policy but it does have specific terms. Some companies require the student being listed on the policy to be staying with the parents.

All the above will help you get cheaper rates and save money off your auto insurance cost.

It is now easy to obtain knowledge on cheap student car insurance freely and within a very short time. The best advice for getting the cheapest high risk car insurance is to shop around.

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