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  • Author Kevin Packston
  • Published October 5, 2011
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For people with trucks that are wheelchair accessible, there are both pros and cons that they may experience. Having an accessible truck is extremely different than having a regular vehicle, so there are many factors that should be taken into consideration.


One of the main and most exciting benefits of having a wheelchair accessible truck is the fact that it is not a van. Many people think that for a vehicle to be wheelchair accessible it has to be a van. This means that many people will be intrigued and surprised, making you and your truck a sight to see.

Another pro is that having a truck like this can be extremely beneficial for other tasks as well. For people who haul things with their vehicle, or even for people who work on farms, a wheelchair accessible truck will beat an accessible minivan any day.

However, it is important that all factors are considered when deciding on whether or not to choose a truck or van.


First and foremost, parking may pose as a problem. Trying to fit into the parking structures that exist in places like the city may be an issue. Especially considering the parking spot has to be able to accommodate wheelchairs. This is also true with parking spots on the street, seeing as those it could be unsafe for the person in the wheelchair.

If you plan on carrying more than one wheelchair user, then having a truck may be a problem. With a van, it is possible to place more than one person in a wheelchair in the vehicle. It is impossible to do this with a truck, so this could be a big issue if transporting multiple people is mandatory for you.

With a truck, if the battery happens to die or the lift isn't properly working, you would have to depend on others to assist you. Whereas, with a van you would most likely be able to access the ramp manually by opening the side door. However, there is a small chance that you will get stuck in your truck.

Finally, a factor that most people have to consider is cost. A handicap accessible truck could cost more than a van because of a reduction in gas mileage, specifications of a truck, and upfront costs. Also, if you ever want to sell your truck, you make take a huge hit cost wise. For trucks that have been customized to fit the needs of specific wheelchair users, then attempting to resale it can be a major pain.

The advantages of having an accessible truck can be extremely beneficial to a variety of different types of people. A majority of the cons are not that big of a deal. Many people can look past the minor disadvantages, and just reap the benefits that are offered. It is up to you to weigh the pros and cons according to your own wants and needs.

Everyone's situation is different, so only you can determine whether or not your situation will benefit more from having a truck or a van. Sometimes, before buying something, or investing in something important, many individuals choose not to look at the ups and downs. Although sometimes it may work in their favor, a lot of the time it can be a mistake that they come to regret. So, on that note, before buying a truck just because of the advantages, make sure that you will be able to look past all of the disadvantages that will also exist.

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