Can You Really Choose Your Baby's Gender?


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  • Published November 8, 2011
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Even though there are lots of arguments over just how ethical it really is to choose the gender of your baby before they're born, the very fact remains that we now have various all natural techniques you may use which will improve the probability of having a baby of a specific gender. The ethics of it are at your discretion and even though no technique is 100% accurate, there are some things that you can test that may help you improve your possibilities for having either a boy or a girl.

These types of techniques are focused around the proven fact that the sperm which carry Y chromosomes (which are essential for a boy) are quite different from the sperm which carry the X chromosome (which are essential for a girl). By simply being familiar with these kinds of differences, along with choosing the best techniques, you will be creating a natural environment in which one particular type of sperm will be able to outperform the other and arrive at the main destination first, therefore determining your baby's gender.

Why don't we have a look at what you can do.

  1. The Best Diet Plan for determining you baby's gender:

Y sperm need an environment which is alkali in nature, whereas X sperm require more acid. The actual PH levels of your entire body determine how heavy the cervical discharge is in addition to whether or not the desired sperm are likely to make it through with success. In order to have a girl, you'll want to eat a diet which is abundant in calcium and magnesium. In order to have a boy, a diet abundant in potassium and sodium is essential.

  1. The Best Timing for determining you baby's gender:

The timing of when you have intercourse will significantly have an effect on determining the gender of your baby. Since the Y sperm have to get through to the egg cell as fast as possible, it is very important to time intercourse on the day that you ovulate to improve your probability of having a boy. They will be in a position to reach the egg cell while they are still viable.

But in order to have a girl, you must allow the Y sperm time to die off, allowing the more resilient X sperm to move ahead. Because of this you will want to time intercourse to somewhere around two to three days just before ovulation. This provides the X sperm more than sufficient time for it to get through to the egg cell.

  1. The best Position for determining you baby's gender:

The positioning you decide on with regard to intercourse may also decide the sex of your baby. Once again, we fall back to the differences between sperm. The Y sperm have got to get through to their destination in as little time as possible. Which means that they must get discharged as close to the cervix as possible, shortening the journey they need to take to the egg cell. Positions which provide for deep penetration are perfect.

For you to have a girl, you'll want to ensure it is more difficult for the Y sperm to arrive at their target in timely manner. Which means that positions whereby shallow penetration is attained are necessary. Typically the sperm is going to be deposited further away from the cervix, offering the X sperm the opportunity they need to arrive at the egg cell, as well as enabling the Y sperm to die off.

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