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  • Published December 18, 2011
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Auto Insurance is the perfect solution for your problem on car theft, accidents etc. People are quite dependent on their vehicles and losing a vehicle by an accident or theft will be a financial loss. Moreover it will affect our day to day activities like office, school, doctor's appointment etc.

Some insurance companies have chosen to eliminate the agent and use the mail, the telephone, or the internet to sell their products. The property and casualty companies are always in a battle for market penetration. The insurance companies have to walk a fine line between new acquisitions and expense to do business. This is important information for the consumer because they are the ones making the final decision on who is winning. Some insurance policies offer number of standard benefits, while other benefits are available as optional covers in return for an extra premium. Some of the more common Car insurance policy benefits are:

• Windscreen,

• Driving other cars,

• Medical expenses,

• Personal effects,

• New car benefits,

• Lock replacement.

They also provide you additional services like breakdown assistance and motoring protection at minimal price. A car insurance agency controls your car insurance policy from beginning to end. Nowadays it’s easy to buy your auto insurance online. Online auto insurance is the best option if you want to save your money and time.

Additional Car Insurance policy services include:

• Motoring protection. This service pays for personal injuries that you have sustained from the accident and also we pay for injuries that others might have sustained. This service also covers for any kind of property loss. This service also handles any legal technicalities.

• Breakdown assistance. This services provides assistance in case your car breakdown and more often than not at a worst possible time. Complete details of these services are available when you get your car insurance quote or renew your policy online.

The car insurance agent has been the single most successful means of insurance distribution in insurance history. The neighborhood agent has ties to the community and is easily accessible. That is a great value to a great many people especially with people who want person to person advice and counsel. Once you determine how you want to be serviced then you can begin a search for those types of insurance companies.

What should I do in case of car accident? If you’re in a car accident, first and foremost, try to obtain as much information from the other party involved in the accident which would include the following: drivers license information(name, date of birth, license number, address), telephone number, license plate number, vehicle type(year, make, model ), insurance information(policy number, insurance company name, and address if possible). If the police department is called to the scene of the accident, a report may be taken. Contact your insurance company to report the accident as soon as possible. Most insurance companies require their policy holders to report accidents.

One final piece of advice. A large percentage of car insurance is now sold on the Internet. That's because it's convenient and cheap. Many insurers now give a further 10%-15% discount if you buy online.

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