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  • Author Jane Hull
  • Published December 23, 2011
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The other day I was visiting a friend who had recently had a new baby, when I arrived and met the new little girl her mum asked me if I wanted to hold her, which of course I did. When I went to pick her up I found myself asking advice on how to hold her. I was so nervous because she was so tiny and fragile. Most of my friends have older children, so I don’t often get to spend time with friends with much younger babies.

Having had two children of my own who are now much older I expected to be able to jump in with both feet as an experienced mother and know exactly what I was doing, but when I got there I realised that you quickly forget what it’s like to have a new baby.

When I was holding her I could not believe how small she was and that my babies had been that small when they were born. I knew that after a couple of days with a new baby your confidence grows and you are not so nervous about handling them. But if you are out of practise for a while, you feel you have gone right back to the beginning.

Then I remembered that when I had had my second child 4 years after my first, I asked the midwife in hospital how often I need to change her nappy, the midwife looked confused and said when she needs it. I felt really silly that I already had a child and that I really should know what to do with a new baby.

The same happened the other day when I was looking after my friend’s son for a few minutes, he is 2 and I was going to order a coffee and toast in a cafe. He would not stand with me in the queue, if I picked him up he tried to squirm out of my arms, all he wanted to do was run about. I had totally forgotten how difficult the simplest tasks are when you have a toddler.

Of course I have realised since that there are so many people who feel like this, they forget so quickly what it is like and a new baby grows up so quickly you hardly notice the changes from what they need when they are first born. I guess forgetting some of those details, particularly the difficult ones is what makes you go on to have more children, if you remembered you might think twice!

I have children myself and I write about products and tips which are useful to parents, they cover making life less fuss and more fun, saving time and getting out and about with young babies and children. Some of my articles are interesting but they try to have a bit of fun and laughter about them.

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