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  • Published January 25, 2012
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NJ Comprehensive Insurance Covers Broken Glass

It’s likely to happen at some point in your driving career. A rock gets kicked up by someone else’s tire on the highway, and CRACK! It hits your windshield. Pretty unfair, right?

It’s actually a very common occurrence. On average, 13-14 million windshields* are replaced each year. And a recent windshield damage study** found that stressors like extreme temperatures, driving and fatigue will cause existing windshield chips and cracks to spread quickly.

Once you’ve gotten over the shock of a stone flying toward you at 50 miles per hour, you’ll probably start worrying about how to pay for the damage. "Will my insurance cover the cost? Is there such a thing as auto glass insurance, and if so, do I have it?" Unlike other states, New Jersey does not offer separate glass coverage deductible. All auto glass related claims are handled through the comprehensive coverage portion of your auto policy. But the full answer depends on a few key points related to the coverage you purchased. Here’s the rundown on what you need to know with regard to auto glass claims.

What is comprehensive insurance?

Subject to your deductible, comprehensive insurance covers you against "non-collision" car damage including fire, vandalism, theft and animal strike. In New Jersey, chipped, cracked and broken glass is also covered. That means your local insurance company can provide auto glass insurance coverage if you carry comprehensive insurance.

Should I file an auto glass claim?

Before filing an auto glass insurance claim under the comprehensive coverage on your policy, you should first consider if the damage can be repaired or if the auto glass must be replaced. Many insurance companies will pay to have certain windshield chips repaired at no cost to the insured. If the auto glass must be replaced, you should compare the replacement cost with the amount of your comprehensive insurance deductible. For example, if you have a $1,000 deductible and the estimated replacement cost is $750, it’s not worth filing a claim as the deductible is more than the cost of the windshield. New Jersey insurance company Sharer and Associates suggest that you contact your professional insurance agent to discuss your options and your coverages before filing a claim.

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