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  • Published March 17, 2012
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Bucket trucks are a utility vehicle that has a powerful extension arm. These trucks are specially designed to reach tall trees, buildings and other infrastructures. The primary use of this truck is to aid lifting and lowering of workers to and from high places.

This truck is used for myriad of purposes. The uses are discussed below –

• Maintenance Of Overhead Utility Lines:

One of the main purposes of using bucket truck is to lift the worker up to a height. It is therefore widely used for maintenance of telephone, electrical and other utility lines. The bucket is fixed to a specially insulated truck to protect the workers from shock from high voltage and dangerous wires.

• Picking Up Fruits:

Originally cherry pickers were used for picking fruits since it was specially designed for this purpose but today, in majority of the orchards these trucks are used for picking fruits.

• Tree Trimming:

You may often see the civic workers using bucket trucks for pruning tree after a natural calamity or after thunderstorms to cut the loose tree branches hanging dangerously over electrical lines. The buckets used by workers to cut tree over power lines have special insulation coating to keep the workers safe from high voltage wires. In addition, arborists also use this truck to reach the top of tall tree that require regular maintenance.

• For Filming Events Or Stage Performance:

Several renowned artists/entertainers including Michael Jackson used bucket truck to perform. Additionally, many modern film makers use the load lifters to film an aerial shot of the movie. Even during life performances and concerts the photographers use the bucket truck to get an aerial or panoramic shot of the event/show.

• Rescue Work:

Often firemen use this truck during rescue or firefighting activities. During rescue work the fire fighters have to often reach out to certain part of the building that is difficult to reach otherwise. This truck helps the fighters to find a way to enter the building to enhance fire-fighting efforts and rescue the people trapped inside the building. Sometimes buckets are attached to the ladder just for this type of work. By attaching the bucket to the ladder, the fireman can reach as close as possible to the trapped people and get them out safely.

• Painting The Building External Structure:

While painting the external structure of the building bucket is attached to sign cranes to reach the parts of the building that are hard to reach. By standing on the bucket attached to the cranes, the workers can perform their work better and more efficiently. The bucket enables the workers to carry essential equipments to make the task easier.

• Decoration:

During Christmas and other festive seasons, it is common to see bucket trucks being used to hang lanterns and other decoration materials on the street and trees. This vehicle allows the workers to complete the work easily and in quick time.

Bucket trucks are a very important machine that has several uses in various industries. Several industries investing in buying sign cranes and have bucket attached to it.

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