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  • Author Bryan Davidson
  • Published March 27, 2012
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Almost every Male Nerd who has ever attended a Sci-Fi convention has asked the question, "How do I find a Nerd Chick?"Every relationship needs work, work going in, and work to maintain.But the end result is a life long love for your best friend.But some relationships stop working, and these girlfriends want......REVENGE!

Boys: When spending time with your significant other, don't forget the word significant. Both parties need be respectful of one another at all times! Ask yourself, "Why am I willing to be disrespectful?"

Girls: When a relationship begins using threats as a form of communication such as, "No Sex" it doesn't matter if it is meant playfully, it is damaging. Ask yourself, "Why do I feel a need to threaten?"

Boys: Real life responsibilities trump video games, especially when you're not contributing to the family income. Ask yourself, "What am I avoiding, and why?"

Girls: Everyone one needs personal time, and your boyfriend CAN'T think about you all the time. That doesn't mean he doesn't care, it means he is human. Ask yourself, "Why do I need to feel needed at all times?"

Boys: When you commit to a relationship, than commit to a relationship. Remove your eyes from lustful woman. Ask yourself, "Why am I in a relationship? Why am I willing to look?"

Girls: Bringing other people (Friends/Family) into your relationship acts like a wedge. The more you bring in the further apart you and your significant other are apart. Always talk with your significant other first, and honor their comments first. Ask yourself, "Why do I feel it necessary to bring others in?"

Boys: Alone time is good, and gaming during that time is fine, but scheduling that time is best. Talk with your significant other about when you need alone time. Be flexible, but when your with your significant other, make them your priority. Ask yourself, "Why am I willing to ignore my significant other?"

Girls: Many folks believe "drastic action" wakes up their significant other to relationship problems, leading to communication. Well it leads to communication, but not the constructive kind. Ask yourself, "How will my actions help us talk?"

Boys: As with #2 scheduling game time and relationship time is a good thing. But both parties need to be respectful, and when they're not, time to move on. I suggest leaving.

Girls: It's ok if boys cry. I mean I cried Nerd tears of joy during Star Wars Episode 2 when Anakin was going Dark Side as he told Padme that he killed all the Sand People.

Joking aside, It is ok if boys cry. Despite what society says, it is ok if boys cry, and when things don't turn out the way one hopes, people grieve. That is not the time to be disrespectful, instead ask yourself, "Why am I not willing to be supportive?"

Communication is the key to success, and the lack thereof is the earliest sign that your relationship's need more work. It's ok to talk about talking.

Common listening error are:

"Thinking of what to say when the other person is talking."

"Interrupting by telling the speaker how their story relates to your story."

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