The Sweetest Gift: Why You Should Continue Giving Hickeys Even After Growing Up

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  • Published January 11, 2023
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Oh, the hickey. It's the timeless mark of affection that says "I'm taken" without actually having to say it aloud. But, as we all know, giving and receiving hickeys isn't just for teenagers anymore. Men and women of all ages are still enjoying the sweetest gift of love in many relationships around the globe. So, why should you continue giving hickeys even after growing up? Let’s take a look into this age-old love token.

The Advantages of Giving Hickeys

Let’s face it, hickeys are pretty fun to give and receive! But aside from being enjoyable, there are some real advantages to giving hickeys - especially when it comes to your relationship with your sexual partner or significant other. For starters, offering someone a hickey can be a great way to show them how much you care about them - and how much they turn you on! Not only that, but if you're in an open relationship where both partners are free to explore their own desires with other people, giving a partner a hickey is also an easy way of communicating that you're “off the market” without having to make any long-term commitments or have any awkward conversations about exclusivity.

Plus, let's not forget about the physical benefits! A good old-fashioned hickey can help release endorphins like oxytocin which promote feelings of relaxation and connection - perfect for helping build strong emotional bonds between partners in any relationship. And speaking of physical pleasure…there's nothing quite like feeling your partner's teeth gently pressing against your skin as they give you a passionate kiss - leaving little marks behind that will make you feel cherished for days afterward!

Finally, even though it might seem silly to some people—it's important not to forget that giving someone a hickey can be an incredibly romantic gesture! After all, what better way is there to show someone how special they are than by marking them as yours in such an intimate way? That kind of tenderness can create feelings of closeness between partners that no amount of words ever could!


So there you have it; these are just some of the reasons why men should continue to give their sexual partners or significant others hickeys well into adulthood! Whether it’s used as a sign of affection or simply enjoyed for its sheer pleasure value—this age-old love token is here to stay — so don’t be afraid to show your loved one just how special they truly are by sharing this timeless gesture with them today!

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