Time: Is it an illusion?

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  • Author Nuha Mazahir
  • Published September 6, 2023
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"Tick, tock, tick, tock...." The rhythmic symphony of a clock's pendulum reverberates through our lives, a constant reminder that time never stops marching forward. The clock continues to tick and each tick and tock marks a moment of time lost in past that urges us to keep pace with the heaps of tasks that seem never-ending. Looks like we are all on a time-traveling rollercoaster. But would that make us time-travelers according to science? Well, nope!

For a moment let's take sometime from this never-ceasing rhythm of tick and tock to ponder over time itself. Imagine, what if we stop all the clocks, and the "tick-tock" serenade comes to a screeching halt. Would time freeze, or would it just give us a bemused wink silently chuckling at our stupidity that we think clocks and time are inseparables? You probably might be thinking "Wait, what on earth is going on?". And that's where the hilarity begins.

In a world tied tight with full of schedules, dead-lines to meet and alarm clocks, which are probably set to the most annoying sound ever, this abrupt halt of the hands of the clocks, seems as it could free ourselves from the burden of the piles of files and infinite chains of assignments. Now, the only indication of passage of time that is present is the rays of sun hitting the earth in day time and the phases of the moon and the twinkling stars at night. No clocks, no works, no rush, no tension... Imagine ourselves living like the ancient man who did not have deadlines to meet. Hold on there- We are living like the prehistoric humans, then is it similar to traveling to the past in time like those scientists say? We will never know, unless someone travels for real. So it is out of the scope of our discussion for now.

But then, switching from imagination mode to reality mode, are the frozen clocks an indication of a plausible pause in the flow of time. In reality, that is a big fat "No". And there does not seem to be a way to come out of this enigmatic and veraciously spinning abyss of time, within whose walls we find ourselves trapped inside.

While we might not have discovered a secret pause button within time's spinning abyss, we've unraveled a truth far more profound: time is a reflection of our humanity, a reminder that our lives are fleeting yet infinite in their capacity to touch the world.

So, let's continue to ride this exciting rollercoaster ride of time embracing its mysteries and mirth and find happiness and joy in this grand comedy of time.

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