Why Are Sack Trucks Important?

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  • Published May 24, 2012
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In business and other commercial situations, carrying materials to and fro is a very common situation. While people can manage to carry these things without any help from a machine or an instrument, it poses a risk to both the individual doing the task as well as the paraphernalia he is carrying. For example, the person may have an accident while transporting his materials on the stairs which will not only injure him but also damage the package he is carrying as well. If you don’t want to worry about paying for the treatment of your employees or damage of your properties, then your best solution is to invest on sack trucks. These devices can also be very helpful for home activities such as gardening and doing DIY projects which may require the moving of heavy objects from one place to another.

A Closer Look at Sack Trucks

Also known by the names stack truck, two wheeler, trolley, sack barrow, and bag barrow, a sack truck is a package-moving handcart that comes in the L-shape. Its structure is composed of handles, a base, wheels, and a small ledge that is used to set the sack truck flat against the floor whenever it is left upright. The objects to be transported are placed a little forward on the sack truck and the ledge is inserted beneath them. The object should then be tilted backward until the weight is placed on the large wheels of the device. This makes heavy things easier to move. Sack trucks are usually made of different materials such as tube steel, aluminum tube, high impact plastics, and aluminum extrusion. When choosing the best sack truck for your needs, some of the factors that you have to consider are the type of wheel, the handle, the size of wheels, and whether it is foldable or multipurpose.

Sack Trucks: The Aluminium Duo Sack Truck

This is a heavy-duty sack truck that is perfect for transporting heavy objects in a variety of situations. Being a multipurpose model, this one can both be used horizontally and vertically. It is equipped with dual handles and its format can be easily and quickly changed from mode to mode with a simple pull lever. If you are the type of user who constantly has transporting needs of different kinds, this is a good investment for you because you can use it for a variety of purposes.

Sack Trucks: The Features of the Aluminium Duo Sack Truck

This model is made of aluminium and has dual handles for its vertical and horizontal mode. It is also equipped with two castor and pneumatic wheels. This sack truck can carry up to a maximum weight of 200kg and it also measures 1330mm in height and 480mm in width. The depth of its toe plate is 190mm. It weighs a total of 20.6kg and it can be bought for just £94.99, including vat.

If you are looking for sack trucks which can accommodate heavy-duty transporting and can be used for a variety of purposes, then you should consider the Aluminium Duo Sack Truck.

Would you want your goods to be carried safely to avoid breakage? A Sack truck can do that and more. To avoid Workman’s Comp claims and carriage losses, then it would be best to purchase a sack truck from the company that can give you durable and reliable sack trucks, Sacktrucks4sale.

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