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  • Published April 23, 2012
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Teens are a group which insurers consider to be a high risk group of drivers. This means that finding car insurance at affordable rates can be incredibly difficult. But there are ways to find car insurance for teens, and they needn’t be difficult to follow.

Why Do Teens Have Problems Finding Car Insurance?

Teens tend to have trouble finding car insurance because of their inexperience. This inexperience comes mainly because of their age, but it also comes about due to the fact that any teen with a driving license won’t have had it long. This naturally means that teens will have a higher risk of making a mistake and, as a result, having some sort of accident.

And the reason that insurance companies raise their rates for teens is not down to any blind stereotypes because there is scientific evidence shown from countless studies that younger people do tend to have more accidents than experienced drivers.

What Can Teens Do?

There are a number of things teens can do. Some of these methods are practical and some are not, but the following are just some of the things which can influence the car insurance rates for teens:

• The type of car driven

• A driver’s academic record

• Marital status

• Safety features

• Different insurance companies

Type of Car Driven

The type of car driven will have a major influence on the insurance premiums for teens. Nothing creates a big red flag for insurance firms more than a teen with less than a year’s driving experience who wants to drive a really expensive car. This is a big risk for insurers, and some insurers won’t even offer a policy at any affordable price.

The best option is to choose a car which is cheap and easily repaired because if an accident does happen then the insurance firm won’t be paying out a large amount.

Academic Record

This is quite a strange factor which comes into play, but there are studies which show that students with better academic records are less likely to have an accident. Insurers have taken the results of these studies on board which means that those students who have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.2 or more will see lower insurance premiums.

Marital Status

For most teenagers, this is not really a viable option. But if a teen is intending to get married then this can dramatically reduce the amount of money they will have to pay for auto insurance. Studies have shown that those teens who have kids or who have a wife will be more responsible when it comes to making decisions on the road. This translates to lower premiums for those teens.

Safety Features

The more safety features that are applied to the vehicle the teen is attempting to insure the lower the premiums will get. This applies to safety features which protect the car from theft and damage and the individual from any personal injuries.

The following are just some of the safety features which can work to lower the premiums associated with a car insurance policy:

• Anti-lock brakes

• Engine immobilizer

• Airbags

• Car alarm

• Storing the car in a garage

• Automatic seat belts

Different Insurance Companies

Even if all of the above tips are followed, it’s still best to compare all of the different insurance companies in order to get the best deal. However, it’s not practical to call on each insurance company individually. This is where the insurance comparison site comes in.

Simply open up a variety of comparison websites and follow all of the instructions given on these websites. It’s best to use a variety of websites because this will make sure that the results given are more accurate.

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