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  • Published August 10, 2012
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If you wonder what the best ways are to keep your vehicle safe and performing well even after difficult winter conditions, then a lot of articles online can provide you with the information you are seeking. There have been a lot of things written on the matter and if you invest a bit of time on looking into it, the Internet can offer you great insight. There are many things you can do, you can use fuel stabilizer in your pickup truck or you can store the car for the winter. You should look into different ways of protecting your vehicle, but a few things which can help you get started are offered here as suggestions.

It is recommended that you change the car's oil as well as filter at the start of each winter, even if it is not the time to do so. You should avoid leaving the car to sit with used oil in its engine when the weather is cold. All the dirt that collects in this oil will damage the engine and cause the car a series of problems which you could easily avoid. Especially if you decide to store the car, this is crucial. Storing it with used oil can create serious problems in the engine and when you get back to it in spring, the cost and effort you will need to put in fixing it will be a great deal more than if you had just put some thought in preventing it.

What can really make a big difference is if you add fuel stabilizer to the tank. Fill the tank completely with gas as well as joyride for a while and allow the stabilizer to move through the fuel system. This will ensure that your car will start easily and quickly even after many months of storage. Read the instructions on the packaging if you don't know how exactly to use it. Keep in mind that most often you will need to keep the engine running for a while after pouring it in.

In general it is always good to replace all fluids with antifreeze liquids. Replace the washer and cooler fluids with liquids specifically designed to prevent the systems form rust. On top of this, disconnect or even entirely remove the battery. If you are storing the vehicle for an extended period of time, then perhaps you should keep the battery indoors and leave it connected to a charger. This way you will know for sure that when you need to put it back in the vehicle, it will be all charged up and ready to go.

Although these are the most important things you need to do before storing a vehicle, still another few minor preparations would be a good idea. One of them is to clean the vehicle inside and out. Get rid of all dirt and dust, apply wax, spray the car's exterior with a high quality rust inhibitor. Make sure you lubricate all corners and hinges and you will find them as good as new when you get back to the car a few months later.

Another thing you could do is park the vehicle somewhere dry and clean. A specifically designed storage building might be a good idea if you can get a good enough deal. Just remember to over-inflate the tires a little bit so that you find them in the perfect pressure condition when you come back after a few months. Over-inflating them will prevent them from going flat after a while of supporting all this weight.

There is no harm with contacting the vehicle's insurance company in order to find out whether you are eligible for a discount during this time. Some companies and certain insurance plans offer you the chance of getting a discount when you are storing a vehicle, so you have nothing to lose by checking. But whatever you do, do not cancel the vehicle's insurance. Little damages and accidents happen even when the car is stored, so make sure you are covered if such thing might happen.

If you do decide to store your car for a few months, then planning this right is essential. If you carry out the appropriate research, you will find all about the best ways to protect the vehicle even under the heaviest weather conditions. A few things can really make a difference, so do put some thought into this and you won't regret it when you get back to the car a few months later. Use fuel stabilizer in your pickup truck, disconnect the battery and clean everything inside out and your vehicle will be waiting for you with absolutely no problems. Your engine will be found in perfect condition and it will start immediately and as easily as it would if you had only left the car in storage the previous day. is a great source for Chevy truck parts and accessories.

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