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A fertility specialist Kansas City knows how to handle many different situations where conception is difficult. There are two very popular arrangements for women who are totally unable to successfully carry a child in the area, including Lenexa. When a woman serves as a surrogate, her own egg is sometimes used, but sperm is provided by a donor. Sometimes, an egg from the legal mother is used instead. This is one of the means of coping with infertility that many are familiar with. A gestational carrier is another term used to describe this role. Many have found that this option has a much lower risk than many other procedures.

Your fertility specialist Kansas City will tell you that surrogacy is a major undertaking. Although it has helped couples have their own child, many legal issues have arisen in the past concerning whether the surrogate has a legal right to the child. It is important for couples considering this type of procedure to understand exactly what is involved and any problems that might be faced. In many cases, religious or cultural values may play a role in the decision. Many couples have found the process to be easier when the surrogate or gestational carrier is a friend or family member who lives in the Kansas City area.

A fertility specialist Kansas City will screen potential surrogates for potential problems. Chronic health problems, like heart disease or diabetes, increase the risks for both the surrogate and the child. A minimum age of 21 is usually set for gestational carriers. To ensure the chances of a successful pregnancy, it is generally required that the surrogate has had at least one successful live birth that was full term. In some cases, the gestational carrier may be at an older age than most women who have children are. This is a little more common when the surrogate is a family member or friend. The doctor will carefully discuss any risks when this is the case.

Your fertility specialist Kansas City will make sure that you, your spouse and the surrogate are all in good health and free from infectious disease. Counseling will allow both the couple and the gestational carrier to cope with issues involving existing children and any attachment issues. It is always recommended that everyone rely on careful legal counsel to avoid problems. In many cases, all parties involved are advised to sign contracts detailing the responsibilities and rights of those concerned. This helps make the experience better for everyone all around.

A fertility specialist Kansas City will screen potential surrogates for potential problems.

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