Finding a Fertility Doctor in the Greater Olathe Area


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  • Published March 25, 2013
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Olathe Kansas, located just a few short miles from Kansas city is the fifth largest city in the state and with over one hundred thousand people, it would seem easy to find a fertility doctor there to meet any infertility challenges you might be facing. While there is a large population of physicians and medical practices in the Olathe area, finding a doctor that you can trust to such an issue as infertility is something better not left to chance.

When couples face infertility challenges, it can be a highly emotional and trying time. They may have already spent a lot of time and money visiting their family doctor as well as a gynecologist in beginning to understand that they may be facing more serious problems that are preventing them from conceiving. When they finally decide to go to a specialist, they may be starting to feel a sense of desperation and strain that is best dealt with by caring professionals in the field of reproductive health. The Midwest Reproductive Center in Olathe is one such facility.

The Midwest Reproductive Center offers services to treat both male and female infertility as well as all the support services such as egg and sperm donation that can make it possible for couples facing infertility challenges to have a child. The center has a staff whose members are trained in the specialized field of reproductive medicine. Qualified embryologists work along side of Dr. Dan Gehlbach, who himself has over 60 years of experience in fertility medicine, to provide one of the highest success rates for conception and delivery of babies to couples who might have otherwise been unable to conceive on their own.

All services such as in-virto fertilization, intrauterine insemination and minimally invasive procedures that can aid in discovering and removing barriers to pregnancy are provided by the center and the on-site accredited laboratory. Being able to handle all aspects of infertility treatments in one place offers the advantage of becoming comfortable with the people providing the care and expertise and they get to know you and your particular needs and provide a continuity of care level that is important when dealing with infertility issues. The doctors and staff, when involved in the treatment right from the beginning stages with any couple, rejoice with the family when a healthy baby is finally born. This relationship that is sometimes difficult to find in the medical world, is common at the Midwest Reproductive Center and will be treasured for years after successful treatment, every time a couple looks into the eyes of their long awaited baby.

This fertility doctor in Olathe offers services to treat both male and female infertility.

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