Car Sound System: How to Get Better Sound Quality Without Replacing It

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  • Published April 22, 2019
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Even if a car sound system is a good investment for any vehicle, this device itself is not totally responsible for the audio quality you're gonna get. Learn more about it next.

Having your own car is a dream coming true to many people. In these cases, they don't save any efforts - or money - to have the vehicle of their dreams. This doesn't apply only to the vehicle itself: putting a serious amount of cash into add ons it isn't rare at all.

The thing is that even the world's best car sound system can't do anything alone. As a matter of fact, it's always going to depend on some add ons that play a huge role on the final audio quality you're gonna get.

But that's not bad news at all: this also means that you can get a considerably advanced upgrade on your music quality without replacing your car sound system, and, therefore, without spending a three-digit (our even four-digit) amount. Learn all about everything that you can change and how it works next.

How to improve my car sound system audio quality?

As we said before, your car sound system doesn't work alone. As a matter of fact, this device itself has the three following sections:

Source: where the music is coming from. Might be the radio, a CD, your cell phone's bluetooth connectivity, etc.

Preamp: this section makes all the sound adjustments, such as volume, fading, balance and others.

Amplifier: as the name says, this component amplifies the low voltage audio signal that comes from the preamp into a high voltage system, that goes out throughout the speakers.

Therefore, you can see that the car sound system quality doesn't come from a single factor: it's a product from the interaction between them. Learn what you can change to improve it:


Many people would love to have a car sound system so robust it would make DJs and sound professionals jealous. The problem is that such devices are expensive, and most people simply can't afford them.

The good news is that you can find a pair of pretty good speakers for around $50, are just by replacing them you're gonna notice an impressive quality improvement - especially considering that factory ones are almost never good.

If you're going down this road, keep in mind the not all speakers are the same. They are usually separated in two groups. If money it's not a problem, then the component models are the way to go: they are pricier, but are also known for top notch sound quality and how easy it is to have them installed. If you're going the budget-minded way or don't mind having a full range level sound quality, then the coaxial models will get the job done just fine.


Even if most people tend to pay more attention to the speakers, since they are more visible, they would be too helpful without amplifiers - after all, if the sound isn't amplified correctly, even the world's greatest amplifier won't be able to deliver your music cleary.

Just like the speakers, replacing an amplifier tends to be a lot cheaper than getting a whole new car sound system. Therefore, that's another great option for people who are in a tight budget, but expect to have top notch sound when driving.


For some people, music is all about the bass. But even them don't know there's a component in every car sound system that's responsible for generating this kind of sound: it's called subwoofer, and can be installed in your vehicle whenever you add more speakers to your system. You could also opt for a powered one, but you'd lose the flexibility that comes with the speaker.

The source of your music

While this might come as a surprise to many people, all the pros that deal with car sound systems for a living know that your source - or, in other words, where your music comes from - play a major role in the final sound quality you're gonna get.

The good news is that, since nowadays pretty much everyone abandoned CD's and just streams their music, many manufacturers are putting digital focused models in the market. In other words, this devices work with the particularities of digital models, in other to get the best sound possible out of them. If you mainly listen to music from your phone, you should definitely see them as a possibility.

Your car itself

As much as you love your vehicle, it might as well be making it harder for you to enjoy top quality music when driving. After all, even the world's finest car sound system won't surpass a noisy engine or bad acoustics.

If that's your case, maybe it's time to abandon the DIY route and get a specialist to check your vehicle out. He might be able to come up with solutions to deal with whatever the problem is, allowing you to enjoy your music at any time.

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