Divorce and Children During the Holidays


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  • Published December 13, 2019
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How do you look forward to the holidays after divorce? We understand that everyday issues that can stem from divorce and children is hard enough. Surviving the holidays with a split family can be a major challenge. The following tips can make divorce and holidays easier for everyone involved.

Be Cooperative

The holiday season is not the time to get into a major custody battle with your ex-spouse. Schedules may clash or change, but try to be flexible. It is important to share time during holidays and events. Your children may want to spend time with your ex-spouse, so it is important to be cooperative.

Allow Your Children to Take Part in Old Traditions

If your children are accustomed to participating in certain holiday traditions, such as enjoying a Christmas Eve meal with your ex and their family, it is important to allow them to go this year. These traditions mean a lot to children. Why upset your children by not allowing them to attend the events that they have attended for years?

Create New Traditions

Since the holidays will be different this year, try to make these changes exciting and fun for your family. Consider creating new holiday traditions that your children will enjoy, like sharing a favorite movie or meal. Then, your child will have something to look forward to and might not look at these changes as negatively.

Avoid Introducing New Relationships

There is certainly nothing wrong with moving on and meeting a new significant other. However, the holiday season may not be a good time to introduce him or her to your children. Especially if they have never met. Be sensitive and create a positive environment that will help your children enjoy the holidays.

Don’t Make Your Children Feel Guilty

If your child is going to be spending time with your ex-spouse around the holidays, it may be tempting to tell your child how lonely you will be without them. This could make your little one feel guilty. It is natural to miss your kids around the holidays, but remain positive around them and tell them that you hope that they have a good time with their mother or father.

Stay in Communication

It is important to stay in communication with your ex-spouse and your kids during the season. Talk to your ex-spouse about gift ideas and holiday plans so that you will be on the same page. Make sure to stay in contact with your children when they are with their other parent.

Stay Positive

If you have hard feelings towards your ex-spouse, try not to let this resentment show to your children. Divorce with children is already hard enough during the holidays. Fighting will cause stress for everyone involved, including your kids. Try to be nice during the holiday season. Not only will you be happier for it, but your little ones will be too.

Surviving divorce with children during the holidays is not easy for anyone. It becomes even more difficult when you throw animosity into the mix. Hopefully, following these tips can help make surviving the holidays easier for you.

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