The Role of Divorce Funding in Uncovering Hidden Crypto: The Real Bitcoin Miners


  • Author Nicole Noonan
  • Published June 21, 2023
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Divorce funding services have adapted to the evolving financial landscape by recognizing the challenges posed by hidden cryptocurrency assets during divorce proceedings. By providing financial support, and access to specialized experts, these services play a pivotal role in uncovering concealed assets.

One of the significant challenges faced during divorce proceedings is the division of assets, including financial accounts and investments. With the emergence of cryptocurrencies has added another layer of complexity to the asset division process. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, have gained popularity, offering individuals an alternative form of investment and a potential means to hide assets during divorce proceedings. However, divorce funding services have started to play a crucial role in helping uncover hidden cryptocurrency assets, enabling a fair and equitable division of wealth. This article explores how divorce funding assists in the search for concealed cryptocurrency assets and the impact it has on divorce settlements.

Cryptocurrencies are an attractive alternative for individuals looking to hide assets during a divorce. This is due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, along with their pseudonymous characteristics. The absence of a central governing authority and the potential for anonymity make it challenging for spouses and legal experts to identify and access cryptocurrency holdings. In essence, once an asset is in a crypto currency it virtually impossible to trace safe for experts in the field.

Divorce funding services, such as New Chapter Capital, Inc. is a solution to the financial challenges faced by individuals going through a divorce. Divorce funding provides financial support to the spouse with limited access to funds. Thereby enabling them to engage in a fair legal battle and secure their fair share of assets. Divorce funding companies recognize the growing prevalence of hidden cryptocurrency assets and have adapted their services to address this issue.

Divorce funding companies facilitates the retaining of specialized experts, including forensic accountants and blockchain analysts, who possess the knowledge and tools necessary to trace and uncover hidden cryptocurrency assets. These experts can utilize blockchain technology to identify transactions and digital footprints associated with undisclosed cryptocurrency holdings, even when attempts have been made to conceal them.

Divorce funding may also financially support the hiring of legal professionals experienced in divorce cases involving cryptocurrencies. These attorneys understand the intricacies of cryptocurrency regulations and the legal frameworks necessary to pursue hidden assets. By combining their expertise with the resources provided by divorce funding companies, legal teams can effectively investigate and present evidence of concealed cryptocurrency assets in court.

The discovery of hidden cryptocurrency assets can significantly impact divorce settlements, as it allows for a more accurate assessment of the couple’s total wealth. Unearthing these concealed assets ensures that the division of property and financial resources is fair and equitable. In cases where one spouse attempts to hide assets, the court may view this behavior negatively, potentially resulting in unfavorable consequences for the dishonest party, such as reduced support.

Divorce funding companies’ involvement in the asset recovery process ensures a fair outcome for both parties involved, promoting transparency and equitable distribution. Moreover, the presence of divorce funding services, specifically tailored to dealing with hidden cryptocurrency assets, promotes a more balanced power dynamic between the divorcing spouses. By leveling the financial playing field, these services ensure that the spouse with fewer resources can actively participate in legal proceedings, leading to a fairer resolution.

Nicole Noonan, Esq., CEO of New Chapter Capital Inc., specializes in divorce funding. She formerly served as President of Novitas US.

She is a nationally recognized divorce expert and pioneer of divorce funding. Crowned the “Fairy Godmother of Divorce” by the New York Post. Featured in the NY Times, Bloomberg, Law News and France 2.

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