When to Seek the Aid of a Family Lawyer While Proceeding with Divorce in UAE


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  • Published September 29, 2020
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Divorce is always a painful experience. In a family, it is mainly the different perspectives of the people or the wrong choice of partner that in the long run leads to an unpleasant married life which in turn leads to different family disputes. In such times of emotional hardship, the individuals mostly forget that it is important to focus on the future and what is to be done next to secure the future of oneself and their children. That is when you need the help of a family lawyer. When a divorce case is taken to court, even the smallest slip or error can affect the case in ways one can’t imagine. The situation can be more complicated in a country like UAE where divorce proceeding includes several tiring procedures. Thus it is important that you hire a well-qualified family lawyer in Abu Dhabi or any other Emirates with great experience who will help you with the case.

As a divorce proceeding has various procedures, the presence and advice of an attorney are unavoidable. Listed below are some of the major aspects of divorce which require the counsel of a family lawyer.

Splitting Property

Dividing property is one of the other main phases of divorce where the lack of a well-experienced divorce lawyer in Dubai or Abu Dhabi might even result in an uneven division of assets. This phase of divorce becomes complicated when the parties have more collectively owned property like shares, business accounts, houses, car deposits, and more. But in the case of young couples with lesser collectively owned property the division of property becomes easier. With a lawyer representing you, the property division becomes easier and more accurate.

Child Custody

In a family dispute, especially in a divorce case, child custody is one of the most complicated parts that without a doubt requires the aid of skilled lawyers in Dubai or any other Emirates. This gets even more complicated when one of the parents plans to get married again or relocate. In such circumstances the parenting plan and the child support will be suggested by the court by looking into the legal guidelines in UAE; thus it is inevitable to have a family lawyer by your side who will help you with the case and the child visitation rights that you can pursue. The UAE court also looks into the needs and the interest of the child in a divorce case or says that the child's interest is considered with great importance.

Parental Income and Support

The lifestyle and the parental income of the spouse during the marriage plays an important role in divorce cases. When family disputes like divorce cases are called in the court, the income of the parents, the variation of the income, the child support, and who took the family expenses are taken into consideration. In conditions where one spouse has a lower income than the other, the court can even award alimony that one should pay the other. When it comes to parental income and support, you must have a lawyer representing you so that the case comes in your favor.

Dividing Debts

When dealing with a family dispute like divorce one must know that it is not just that assets that get divided among the spouses, the debts also are equally divided among the couples. When the case is taken to the court, the debts are mostly split equally or the higher debts are assigned to the one individual responsible. In some cases with the mutual consent of the parties, the debts are also remunerated with the property. In cases of debt settlement, it is best to follow the advice of the attorney so that you either get the low share of debts or to get the debts settled in other possible ways. The law that oversees family disputes and the various proceedings related to divorce like dividing debts, property, and more are different in each country.

So, it is best to have the assistance of an experienced family lawyer in Dubai so that they have experience and a complete understanding of the law of the state and those within your jurisdiction.

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