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  • Author Eric Weeks
  • Published July 5, 2008
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Do you own a pickup truck? If so, you probably cart around everything from groceries to the weekly load of household trash utilizing your pickup's truck bed. But what about those times you have something of value in your truck bed? Your tools or maybe the lawnmower? What protects that valuable cargo from the very real danger of theft plus the threat posed by inclement weather? A truck bed cover assists by keeping all of it, well, covered! It's possibly the best way to make certain nothing of value vanishes from your truck's bed while driving or parked. That's just good old peace of mind. And can't we all use a little more peace of mind?

Just a plain old pickup truck bed cover protecting your cargo will assist in the prevention of damage from the elements. When one considers the number of today's innovative features, truck bed covers really have cornered the market regarding new and ingenious ways to protect your truck bed. For example, the majority of truck bed cover manufacturers employ well-positioned weather seals to drive water away from a truck bed's cargo. And, a number of truck bed covers utilize aluminum support bows to promote rain water run-off. Thus your cover does not get unneccessarily weighted down. While no truck bed cover can promise 100% water-tightness, a high-caliber truck bed cover should do a good job maintaining a dry truck bed even during the nastiest weather conditions.

Below are the primary concerns to be looking for when considering if it's worth investing hundreds of dollars on a truck bed cover for your pickup truck?

  1. Is there an immediate improvement in gas mileage? There should be.

  2. Streamlined appearance ranging from pseudo leather to customized color matching.

  3. Total truck bed coverage to keep your valuables from the view of potential thieves.

  4. Protection from inclement weather and the potential damage caused by the likes of rainfall, snow and intense sun

  5. Well-configured storage for anything you might be hauling in your truck bed on a given day.

Whenever your truck's payload can't be seen, chances are few that it will be stolen. Out of sight really is out of mind. Truck bed covers provide secrecy to your truck bed's contents. This fact alone should make you confident that your property will still be there upon your return.

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