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  • Author Eric Weeks
  • Published July 7, 2008
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So, what can a truck bed cover do for your truck, you ask? When I purchased my very first pickup truck the salesman told me I should invest in a truck bed cover. To be honest though, I had no idea what a truck bed cover was at that time. However, upon asking, I learned that a truck bed cover serves two basic functions: improved aesthetics and pragmatic function. A truck bed cover provides a distinguished alternative appearance versus the boring, empty truck bed. However, on the pragmatic side, but the right truck bed cover should also protect and streamline your truck's appearance.

Are you presently a pickup truck owner? Then you've probably been made aware that your truck bed brings about a lot of "drag". Drag, basically, is the force that resists forward motion. What does this mean for the average pick-up truck owner? Well, in lay terms, drag causes a decrease in gas mileage and hinders acceleration. Therefore, should you be travelling a long distance in your pickup with an open and empty truck bed, you may as well be flushing your gas money down the proverbial toilet. All is not lost, however. One action you can take to minimize the effects of drag is to have a truck bed cover installed. Truck bed cover use will eliminate much of the additional drag created by your open truck bed. The majority of truck owners acknowledge a substantial improvement in both gasoline mileage and the handling of their pick-up once a truck bed cover is installed.

An additional benefit derived from truck bed cover use is that it should assist in theft prevention. Whenever somebody is seeking a "quick score" or easy target for theft, they favor anything they can physically see and snap up quickly. A truck bed cover will conceal your cargo, thus making a "grab" a bit more problematic. Maybe it appears a trivial benefit, but you should rest much more easily with anything of value hidden under your truck bed cover than you would if it was sitting fully exposed in an open, empty truck bed.

Finally, please recognize the fiscal benefit of investing in a truck bed cover. Largely, truck bed covers are generally quite affordable. Also, truck bed covers are offered in a vast number of colors, styles and materials. This wide range of choice allows you to locate a truck bed cover that goes well with your pickup truck no matter the size or what custom color you prefer. Additionally, to make your cover more practical, most all truck bed covers are sold with a set of straps to be positioned at the front end of your truck bed. Using these straps, you can fasten your rolled up truck bed cover whenever you need to position bigger objects in your truck bed. The straps serve to prevent the cover from being blown off when not in use.

Once you take receipt of your pick up truck, the first thing you'll discover is that the bed is wide-open and barren. You of course want to protect your truck, while also preventing a portion of the drag that we've established can cost you money. To minimize such a problem, consider investing in a truck bed cover. Again, such a cover will minimize any drag problems while providing a more streamlined look. On top of that, you'll find that it assists with security, offering an affordable means to protect your pick-up truck.

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