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Moving truck rentals are a good choice when you need to relocate your belongings to a new residence or workplace. Inspect the truck before going ahead and renting it. You will be asked to fill out a standard form by the rental company. Check the truck for dents, scratches, rust, as well as for non-functioning or damaged latches and locks on the doors. By checking carefully, you can make sure you are not charged for the damage when it comes to payment. Also, it will help to reassure you to know your goods are safe.

When renting, the rental company will ask you to show personal documents like your driver’s license, your personal proof of insurance and a major credit card, so as to prove you are of legal age (which is usually 25), that you have personal auto accident insurance, and that payment can be secured from you. You can research and reserve your vehicle online or over the phone. However, make it a point to speak with the company you want to hire in person so as to avoid confusion.

You may need to stop at weighing stations, depending on the size of the moving truck rental and where you are traveling. Ask the rental company for information regarding the rules and regulations surrounding weight stations and whether or not you will need to stop. To obtain the specific requirements for each state, call the state police in all the states you will be traveling through.

Inquire about prices and specials you may be offered when renting a moving truck. Shop around for a company that has high standards for their trucks and towing equipment. Many moving truck companies offer unlimited mileage, but customers will have to specifically inquire about this. Get copies of all important documents, like the rental agreement, a driver trip report, and a truck inspection sheet, from the rental company before you drive off. You need to check whether the proof of insurance and the registration are in the truck.

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