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  • Published December 20, 2008
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If your thinking of buying a used tractor have a look at the following checklist to help you to find the best fit from our used tractor range.

Here is a list of features that you need to consider when searching for a used tractor.

Horse Power - Does the used tractor that you are looking at have enough horse power to perform the job that you require it to do. Allclass equipment have may different used tractors with different horsepower's for you to browse. Click here to see our current range.

Tyres - Its important that the tractor that you are looking at not only has the required tread pattern for your required purpose but that it is not at the end or close to the end of its useful life. If your used tractor has only a fraction of wear left in the tyres it's an added expense for you to bear in the future. Please ask your used tractor consultant how much life there is in the tractors tyres.

Engine hours - Most used tractors have a long and useful life. You can get an idea of how much life is left in the tractor of your choice by looking at the engine hours. The engine hours will help determine a fair price for the used tractor that you are looking at as the more hours that it has the cheaper it generally is.

Age - the age of the tractor will also determine the price of the tractor to some extent. Obviously if two tractors are the same age you would refer back to the other areas to determine what was the best deal.

History - It's always good to know the history of the used tractor and the type of work that it was involved in in its previous life. This will help you to determine if it will be a reliable machine in the future.

Make and Model - Some makes and models attract buyers more than others. Some makes attract a premium because of their reputation for quality and reliability while others may have certain characteristics that may not be desirable for the job that you are doing. Always check with your used tractor consultant to check if there is anything about the model that you are looking at that may not be good for your application.

Cabin - Because your tractor is your office you need to make sure that you are comfortable working within the cabin. Does it give you the level of comfort that you are used to or need? Is there easy access to all the controls, does it have air conditioning, and any other features that you require?

4WD - 2WD - Do you need a 4WD tractor? Is your new used tractor to be used for an application that is in a location that necessitates 4WD or will a 2WD tractor be sufficient. If you don't need a 4WD tractor then its pointless to pay the extra cost so make sure you are clear what the tractor might be doing in the future so that you know which option to choose.

You should take all these factors into consideration but make sure that you ask our specialist Used Tractor consultants for their feedback on your application and needs. They are experienced at matching quality used tractors with new owners. Contact us now about your needs or view our catalogue of tractors online.

Andrew Moore is an expert mechanic in evaluating used excavators & loaders, engines & generators for excavators and tractors, buy used tractors, excavator attachments, mowers, Toyota skid, kanga loaders, beeline technology.

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