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  • Author Ray Donovan
  • Published December 28, 2008
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Trucking or brokerage software is an essential requirement for every trucking/load carrier company or freight brokerage company. They need to perform several tasks, and an efficient and effective software tool can help them perform their tasks better and in effective manner. There are several IT companies providing trucking software and freight brokerage software to needy companies, but not all of them are relevant and useful for every trucking or freight brokerage companies.

The requirements of trucking and freight brokerage companies are more specialized. It should be taken into account individually while developing the design of trucking software. The most basic features that should be in a perfect trucking and freight brokerage software are:

  1. Web Enabled Operation

  2. Simple and Efficient User Interface for easy handling, and

  3. Integration with Internet Truck stop

Apart from that a full fledged trucking or freight broker software there should be other modules to control dispatching, accounting and reporting tasks. All these three things are mandatory for trucking software. We cannot imagine any fully functional trucking software without these mandatory features.

Features of Dispatching Module

  1. Innovative dispatch board to view and manage all Active Loads,

  2. Quick preview function to view load detail basics "On the fly",

  3. Quickly duplicate loads, saving time on Data Entry,

  4. Create loads in advance and have them ready for your drivers,

  5. Quickly manage all loads from one simple console,

  6. View just your loads or view all loads posted by your company (With a Truck stop Account)

Features of Accounts Module

  1. Set credit limits for customers

  2. Print detailed invoices with one click!

  3. Integrated driver payroll for payments by the mile, hourly or by percentage

  4. Easily export invoicing data into quick books

Features of Reporting Module

  1. View detailed reports by carriers, drivers or customers with custom date ranges

  2. View detailed broker or carrier statistics (bar graphs), on gross revenue, volume, miles and percentage.

A trucking or freight brokerage software should have all the above said functionalities included in the package to make it more effective and usable in a real sense for trucking companies' owners and freight brokers.

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