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  • Published March 9, 2009
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Access tonneau covers, also called Access truck bed covers, are a popular line of soft tops made to accommodate the truck bed of a pickup. Their purpose is to produce a more streamlined pickup truck at the same time rendering a covered over storage space to the bed of the truck. Access tonneau covers are available in a host of styles.

The standard Access Roll-Up is an excellent, all-around tonneau cover, loaded with many must-have features, including slide locks, auto-latching system and easy tension control. All such components are built to last evidenced by a generous lifetime warranty.

The Access Literider tonneau cover boasts many, but not all, of the same high-quality components and features of the Access Roll-Up but at a lower price. Extras include slide locks, auto-latching system, easy tension control and much more.

The Lorado tonneau cover is made to look stylish while also offering protection and longevity to make it a sound tonneau cover purchase. Sleek low-profile rails, a slide lock latching system, weatherproof seals and tension dials are among the high-quality components available with the Lorado. Likewise, the lifetime warranty is standard with this particular Access cover.

The Limited Edition is the flagship of the Access tonneau cover line. Top-shelf components like automatic dual-slide-locks, convenient twist-dial release, EZ-Dial XT tension control and all-black anodized aluminum framing is all backed by a lifetime warranty. A few nice aesthetic additions make for a really eye-catching top.

Access' new Vanish Tonneau Cover provides an ultra low-profile look and design. This top offers the same wide array of tonneau features, yet sits just ½" above your bed rails. Vanish provides excellent weather coverage and a 3-year warranty versus the standard lifetime warranty.

Not to limit itself, Access recently unveiled its ultra-versatile roll-up cover and truck rack combination. This product merges the company's popular Roll-Up Tonneau with an adjustable, sturdy, versatile hauler rack, an item offered in a choice of high or low rack design. This item also sports a 3-year warranty.

Finally, Access offers the Tool Box Edition Tonneau Cover, a top that's Access reliable while performing on par with any of the other covers. On top of that, it's made to accommodate your crossover toolbox. Not to be outdone, the Access Tool Box Edition Tonneau Cover also features slide locks, an auto-latching system, easy

tension control and a lifetime warranty.

Most variations of Access tonneau covers retract or roll up into a stored position so users can stash away or withdraw belongings from the storage area.

Access covers, like other tonneaus, minimize the truck’s drag, which helps economize gas consumption. Since Access truck bed covers enclose the truck cargo area, that rush of air doesn't infiltrate the pickup bed, coming upon limited renitence at the tailgate of the truck bed. Before the advent of such covers, truck drivers were provided with the option of displacing the standard metal pick-up tailgate employing a kind of plastic or rubber netting to reduce wind resistance.

While such options can actually cut down on the amount of drag, they do not supply as much safeness for belongings in the tail gate end of of the truck as will an Access tonneau cover. A cargo net isn't as durable as the steel tailgate and it tends to lose its value much more easily. Nets are known to fall off, leaving articles to fall out of the pick-up truck bed when the truck is traveling at high speeds. Door nets also debase the appeal of the pick-up truck, making it look incomplete or makeshift. Access truck bed covers supply more secure storage,

at the same time affording your pick-up a positively classic impression.

Figuring security along with tasteful pickup truck esteem, Access tonneau covers are a nice investment for any truck owner.

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