Worlds first 10 year battery powered GPS tracking systems

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  • Author Paul Burke
  • Published March 14, 2009
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PearTrack has launched the world's first self contained GPS tracking system with a 10 year battery life which is specifically designed for shipping containers. The GPS/GSM device is covertly fitted inside the container, protecting it from damage and prying eyes. The system can send an alert if moved or if the container doors are opened, giving the position of the container anywhere in the world.

Another first is the PearTrack trailer tracking system for use on road trailers and rail rolling stock, using the same long life battery technology and the option for external power, TrailerTrak can send alerts if the trailer or rail wagon / van (Box Car) is hitched, moved or idle.

To complete the hat-trick, PearTrack are also proud to announce the launch of MiniTrak; a revolutionary miniaturised rechargeable tracking device with a battery life of up to 30 days and a permanent power option, making it ideal for concealment within consignments or equipment or other short term mobile applications.

PearTrack is an advanced tracking system that allows you to find both real-time and historic locations of almost any asset. The web based system allows users to find the position of the PearTrack tracking devices to within a few meters by using multiple mapping solutions via our web based tracking portal.

Although Pear Track Systems Ltd is a new company it has a long history in GPS tracking and communication systems. was formed by the originators of Minorplanet Ltd who went on to become one of the principle GPS tracking companies in the World, and to this day is regarded by many as the market leader in Vehicle tracking systems with many thousands of units operating globally.

The GPS vehicle tracking industry grew rapidly in the early nineties and the PearTrack team were indeed pioneers, being instrumental in the development of the techniques and systems from which many modern GPS tracking systems are still based.

All of our products are designed and manufactured / tested in the UK to exacting standards using state of the art production and quality control facilities. PearTrack products are rigorously tested before leaving the factory, ensuring the highest quality and trouble free service 'out of the box'.

As a world leader in long-life battery powered GPS and GSM tracking products, we are continually developing our product base, indeed our R & D team have been developing and producing 'best of class' GPS, communication and security products for over 20 years.

Paul has been involved with the GPS tracking industry for over 15 years and was one of the founders of Minorplanet PLC

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