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  • Author Nathan Young
  • Published April 10, 2009
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In another one of our articles we discussed some diesel performance items that can help you cross the threshold from diesel performance hobbyist to an extreme diesel performance connoisseur. Some of the items that we covered in the previous article include performance injectors and lift pumps. Now once you have gone as far as you can on bolt on parts, its time to start doubling up...on everything! The great thing about diesels is that they don't have to be as fine tuned as gas vehicles. If you can find a way to dump more fuel into them then it's all a matter of mixing enough oxygen with the fuel. If you can find a way to get enough oxygen in there then what you end up with is HUGE HORSEPOWER AND TORQUE! Now in this article we won't cover some of the other options that are out there when it comes to getting that extra fuel to combust such as Propane, NOS, Water Methanol Injection and CNG, in this article we are going to focus more on finding ways to increase oxygen and fuel levels with other means. Going back to earlier when I mentioned doubling up, there are three main areas that you can double up on your diesel to create some huge results including Stacking Chips, Dual Injection Pumps, and of course Twin Turbos.

Stacking Chips- If one diesel performance chip gives you extra power, won't two chips give you even more power? That is the idea behind stacking multiple diesel performance chips on your rig. The key to stacking chips successfully is knowing what kind of chips you are trying to get to work together. Within the diesel performance chip/tuner industry manufacturers use a few different methods to increase the horsepower in your engine, some of the most possible methods are adjusting timing and increasing pressure. When you are thinking about stacking chips it is best to find two chips that increase power in two different ways, for example one of the most common stacks for Cummins owners is using a Smarty Tuner with a Dr. Performance chip. The reason this stack is so popular is the fact that the Dr. Performance Chip increases pressure while the Smarty Tuner uses a couple of different methods to increase power and actually has settings to where you can back off the pressure. If you had two chips that adjusted the timing, you would find that your vehicle would run poorly. For legal reasons we won't tell you which stacks we have found to work best, but we will tell you to be careful as you start to think about stacking your chips, it may be more power than you can handle.

Dual Injection Pumps- Need more fuel? Then we recommend checking out some of the dual fueler kits out there on the market. As I said earlier half of the equation of more horsepower is more fuel, so what better to get you there than a second injection pump. Now this little trick doesn't work with the older diesels which is fine because you can turn the pumps up considerably on those but on the newer common rail diesels like the Cummins and the Duramaxes that utilize the CP3 injection pump to flow fuel into the rail the hottest craze for more power is adding a second injection pump. Once you have added a second injection pump you will be able to flow enough fuel to get you up to 1200 horsepower and your fuel pressure will increase up to 28,000 PSI. Currently the most well known companies that are offering Dual CP3 injection kits are PPE, Industrial Injection and ATS.

Twin Turbos- Put simply, you'll get more power, quicker response, cooler EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature’s and lower exhaust emissions with a set of twin or compound turbos. With all the fuel you will have running to your rig with a set of stacked chips and Dual Injection Pumps you are definitely going to need some more oxygen to get some combustion going on. Twin or compound turbos are the perfect answer for those looking to push more air into the intake manifold. By doubling up on turbos you are going to be able to flow a considerable amount of more fuel while lowering your exhaust temperatures allowing you to run more horsepower safely. Twin or compound turbo setups are most common on the Dodge Cummins and are offered by companies like BD, Industrial Injection and ATS. More and more kits are coming out for the Duramax, and if you are a Powerstroke owner good luck, kits are few and far between for your rig.

So if you are looking to turn your diesel hobby into an extreme diesel passion, these are definitely a great place to start.

The Stacking Diesel Performance Chips & upgraded Diesel Injection Pumps are Extreme Diesel Performance Parts- Nathan Young

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