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  • Published April 25, 2009
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Recreational Vehicles or RVs as commonly referred to as, have gained immense popularity in the recent years. The main advantage of these RVs are that it can go anywhere and everywhere. These operate very well for interstate drives, camping trips, and other long distance travels. These vehicles are expensive as it comes with a variety of options. Presently the RVs come with special designs and costly décor.

As these vehicles are costly, there is a need to protect them from the rain, wind, frost, and dust, while on a trip. There are special RV covers available to protect them from the dirt, debris, heavy rain, winds, and 100 degree Fahrenheit heat. More and more people have started using RV covers.

People might ask question what kinds of covers are being used popularly, or is there a real need for RV covers, and is it really needed while on a trip. The actual idea is to cover the vehicle when it is parked, and though the RV is built for rough weather and harsh conditions, still there is a need to protect the vehicle by covering it up with RV covers.

The RV covers are immensely handy in cold weather and rain, where the polypropylene RV covers are the perfect option. In most of cases these RV covers are fitted with zipper. This would allow the users to access all the doors, as it will be a hectic job to put the covers and take the covers off every time.

One of the most common types of RV covers used is the Tyvek cover which is exceptionally popular. It provides all round protection for protects all types of RVs against moderately rough-to-rough weather. But there is small disadvantage with the Tyvek RV covers as it is a bit expensive. There is the Expedition type RV covers, which has three zippers, one on each side of the vehicle for easy access. You can invest on the Expedition RV covers if you are looking for long-term usage and durability.

The other high quality RV covers which also provides with the UV rays protection is the Goldline. The other advantage the Goldline has is that it comes with 12 zippers, and so there are 12 different openings for getting in. It is made out of a fully woven fabric. This particular fabric helps in protecting the body paint of the RV from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. This RV covers is a must for vehicle on a trip in the desert region, or any other area where there is high UV ray exposure.

Before buying one cover the most important thing is the fabric and it can make all the difference. High-class RV covers are usually breathable and gets rids of the moisture which accumulates under the cover. This does not allow mold or fungus to grow. During the summer these fabric allow the heat to escape. Good RV covers can are always water resistant as they channel out the water very easily.

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