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  • Author Jay Fernando
  • Published September 1, 2009
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Does this review make you want to run out and buy an Undercover Tonneau Cover today? All UnderCover Tonneau Covers are make/model/year specific. This means you don't get a one size fits all accessory for your truck, but you get a custom fit tonneau that's made specifically for your truck.

UnderCover's tonneau cover is particularly known for its sleek and stylish low profile, weather tight, hard lid. Some tend to label it under the 'hard bed cover' category, but being made with a special ABS material you get a very light, but durable package.

UnderCover designed their tonneau covers to come off lighting fast, due to its quick release design.

Direct sunlight is also a problem for some tonneau covers, because it can cause severe warping, UnderCover Tonneau Covers are designed to specifically eliminate this.

Yes, you can paint all of UnderCover's truck bed covers, but you have to be aware that they are textured. Solid colors will offer the best results, but metallic paints usually don't turn out exactly as expected, due to the texture on the tonneau cover itself.

UnderCover Tonneaus have a very decent price point as far as 'hard lids' are concerned, and are definitely cheaper than most fiberglass lids.

Yes, you can even add a variety of accessories to your new tonneau, but to keep yourself from voiding your limited 3-year warranty its always best to consult UnderCover's factory before doing so.

There's no need for drilling, and you should be able to get the whole thing installed in 15 minutes. There have even been reports of one person who got everything completely installed within 10 minutes of the delivery driver unloading it.

For most people it would probably be better to set aside anywhere between 30-45 minutes, but that is depending on your skills and experience installing this type of truck accessory.

Even if the UnderCover Tonneau cover took you an hour to install, it would still be a great value, and not to mention your truck is going to look great!

The UnderCover Tonneau Cover has the least amount of negative reviews that I've seen online. Plus with the added convenience this truck accessory adds you can rest assured it would definitely be a great investment to get an UnderCover Tonneau Cover today.

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