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  • Author Anthony Pang
  • Published March 2, 2007
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My new farm tractor, a Ford 800 Series Tractor is the best toy I ever bought. I'm a simple man, I used to enjoy working on my car, changing the plugs, tuning the carburetor, just plain 'ole tinkering; that changed (along with the rest of the world) when computers entered the picture. And while they have revolutionized the way we live and work, they made tinkering a thing of the past. I refused to let that happen when I bought my first new farm tractor. I'm not a farmer by trade, but I love the land and enjoy dragging my bush hog, it keeps me in touch with the land. And tinkering? Well that keeps my old farm Ford 800 Series Tractor running smooth and gives me some time away from the keyboard.

I learned a lot when I started looking for my first new farm tractor. Old is just a term if the older tractor runs good and does the job intended, but be certain to check thoroughly when shopping. In my case, I brought a neighbor of mine along who just happened to be a John Deere rep, feeling certain he'd give my potential new farm tractor purchase, a good "once over".

Another thing to consider is the kind of service you'll expect from a Ford 800 Series Tractor; will you be working the field, tinkering like I do, or only bringing the new farm tractor out for county fairs. In any of these cases, when you're looking an older tractor, you'll want to make certain she's mechanically sound. If you're actually a collector (or tinkerer) chances are you'll know a local mechanic to bring along, they are worth their weight, believe me and could help you find a gem, or avoid a lemon.

Of course what's a good older tractor for me, might not be your bailiwick at all, different strokes for different folks. So ask yourself (like you didn't already know) are you buying the new farm tractor for work or play (restoration)? Are you looking to save money with an older tractor, or are you waxing nostalgic and looking to create a pristine show tractor?

Anytime you purchase a piece of machinery with the "new" worn off, take the time to be certain your purchase has aged gracefully. None of us want to see an old antique tractor rusting in a field, but neither do we want to buy a "pig in a poke". Ask, look, examine, test; and if you're satisfied, whip out the checkbook, put a smile on a farmer's face, then take the new farm tractor home and get some work done. That's my John Deere 1010 farm tractor.

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