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  • Published November 18, 2009
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You’ve decided to do an electric truck conversion and now you need detailed plans to get you started. Doing the conversion is not that difficult if you follow these simple steps.

· Find a place to work- shop, garage etc.

· Get your tools ready, saws, cordless drill, wrenches etc.

· Locate a decent small truck to convert

· Get detailed electric truck conversion plans

It is a good idea to use a small truck for this conversion because they are light and strong. Unlike small cars they also have lots of room for battery placement.

Since the number of batteries determines your effective range this makes a small truck a good choice.

We recently completed a conversion on a Toyota Tacoma and it worked great.

Remember that you will need a standard transmission truck to start with. Automatic transmissions just don’t work with electric motors.

Don’t worry though, if you only know how to drive an automatic, your electric truck conversion will drive just like an automatic.

Just put it in gear and go. It’s pretty simple and does it go…

We were amazed at the acceleration which left a lot of people staring at us as we zipped between stop lights in town. This isn’t a slow moving golf cart as some people seem to think.

Your electric truck conversion will keep up with any vehicle in town and travel 50 mph on the highway.

With a range of over 200 miles, as outlined in the detailed plans it will take you where you want to go, when you want to get there.

The two main parts to an electric truck are batteries and a motor. We chose a large 11 inch DC motor for our conversion and this allows us to haul loads of even firewood with the truck.

What impressed us most is that the plans even outlined sources of free deep cycle batteries that we could use in our truck.

Since batteries are one of the largest expenses (you need 20 or so) this really helps keep the cost manageable – a big plus for the budget minded family.

And isn’t that why you are doing this conversion? To save money…

You will save lots of money too on both fuel and repairs as the electric truck is much more reliable. For the cost of one repair bill with your present vehicle you could be driving an electric truck conversion.

The first time you drive by a gas station you will know exactly what we mean.

Did you know that gas is expected to rise to $7 per gallon by next year? Isn’t it time you did your own conversion too. Let’s get started.

Electric Truck Conversion is the best place to start to do your own conversion and start saving money and the environment; you can do your own electric truck conversion too.

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