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  • Author Frank Vanderlugt
  • Published July 15, 2007
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The Bobcat is another trade name that has become the same as a miniature front loader and backhoe. They often can be transported by means of a 1 ½ ton trailer and a pickup truck from one location to another. They are usually tracked like a Cummins or a Caterpillar dozer or wheeled like a tractor loader but only much smaller. They are most suited to landscaping in very close and tight quarters where earth has to be dug. They can be outfitted with a dozer blade, a scoop loader, a backhoe or a rock and cement drill; this is due to their size which is small but extremely effective.

The Bobcat is a brand or model of the miniaturized all purpose construction, landscape and agriculture tractor. There are many types the Bobcat T200 Farm Tractor is a track vehicle with a scoop loader and the 863 Farm Tractor is a wheeled scoop loader. The 10,000 Bobcat Skid Steer Loader Tractor has a scoop loader that has a unique extension boom. This makes the larger scoop able to dig a wider trench than some of the standard backhoes mounted on standard loader backhoe machines. It is able to extend deeper and dig a wider trench than a normal scoop loader. This has been a major reason for the standard double featured loader and now provides the contractor with a cheaper hardier piece of equipment.

Other equipment make the Bobcat a viable piece of equipment in forestry operations. It has three sizes of a root grapple which is a cage attachment useful in digging up tree roots and hauling cut tree logs. Bobcat offers a root grapple of 48”, 60” and 80” in length. They also offer a 34” tree spade for digging out trees or replanting them.

The Bobcat 371 Skidsteer can be used to help load and stack skid mounted supplies in storehouses. It has a number of attachments; such as a fork lift for skid loading, a loader bucket, a extendible backhoe and a blade for the removal of ice and snow.

The Bobcat 322 Farm Tractor Excavator is another specialized model which can dig a 8 foot deep trench for plumbing or landscape operations. Mounted low to the ground with rubber tracks this machine can negotiate rough terrain and get close into buildings.

Last the Bobcat has a 61” zero turn lawn mower machine which you can use to maintain the new landscape that the other models and attachments helped you create. Bobcat is an all source depot of agricultural, construction, forestry and landscaping tools and vehicles. Where ever the need exists for close work near buildings, gardens and industrial parks you can be sure that there is a specialized Bobcat to handle your needs.

Frank j Vanderlugt owns and operates Excavator

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