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  • Author Jonathan Clark
  • Published September 14, 2010
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Even in Lanarkshire there are professional investors who are looking to pay you cash for your house - unconditionally, fast, with no chain of buyers. 2 weeks from now your money problems could be GONE!

Maybe there's been a death in the family and you're thinking "sell house quick". Perhaps you're going through a divorce and want the house sold fast. Many people need to sell a house for cash to pay off debts or

mortgage arrears. Sometimes it's to stop repossession. Or maybe you've inherited a property and want to turn that asset into capital with a quick sale of that property. Some of our clients are nearing retirement and need to create a cash lump sum. Or are you moving abroad and need to sell your house here first?

Whatever your particular circumstances, you're probably stressed and fearful, and you need to sell the house fast. So now you've found this website, and of course you don't know us from anyone, but we are local and buying houses for cash is our business.

We know this is an emotional subject and it can feel overwhelming, which is why we're here to make it easy for you.

You're probably thinking "If only I could sell my house for cash and that would give me the freedom to let me get on with my life"

You see, We have cash rich property investors who want to add more houses to their portfolio, and they are keen to buy houses in Lanarkshire

And you have the property that you need to sell fast.

All we're doing is putting the two of you in touch with each other, thus avoiding long drawn out red tape and expensive legal fees. Because there's no chain of buyers and no need to raise finance, its quick and efficient. You might even want to consider a sell and rent back

arrangement so you stay in your own home and clear off your liabilities at the same time.

So here's how it works - you start the ball rolling by typing in your first name, email and mobile number into the boxes

You'll get a text message and an email back asking you some basic questions. We'll email you a short form that you fill in asking you a couple of basic details

We'll get in touch within 24 hours to see if you'd like a free estimate.

If you do, we'll make you an offer based on the figures you give us

If you like our offer, the missives are handled within 48 hours. For a quick house sale we can have it all done within 14 days - All you need to do is fill in the boxes on the right

Just suppose your house gets sold for a cash lump sum quickly by a local buyer. You could even rent it back and still live in your own home, but imagine for a moment your Debts are paid off, and the house is off your hands. You can do this too, and we can help you.

Just fill in your first name, email address and mobile number and watch for our email. When you get in touch you will get the attention of people who have the funds you need to sell your house fast. 2 weeks from now your money problems could be GONE. Everything is confidential, ethical and professional. And asking for an estimate is completely FREE.

The sooner you ask for an estimate the sooner the stress goes away. Just enter your details now. Free Video - Learn how easy it is to sell a Lanarkshire house for cash & a quick house sale.

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